Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 32

karaṇaṃ trayodaśavidhaṃ tat āharaṇa dhāraṇa prakāśakaram | kāryaṃ ca tasya daśadha hāryaṃ dhāryaṃ prakāśyaṃ ca ||

karaṇa - a helper, companion; instrument, means of action; doing, making, effecting, causing; the act of making, doing, producing, effectingtrayodaśavidha - of thirteen kindstat - that, thisāharaṇa - causing, inducingdhāraṇā - retaining, keeping back; collection or concentration of the mind; to exercise concentration; the act of holding, bearing, wearing, supporting, maintaining;prakāśa - clearness, brightness, splendour, lustre, light; visible, shining, brightkārya - an effect, result; to be made or done or practised or performed, practicable, feasible; to be caused to doca - andtasya - its, of it, of thisdaśadhā - tenfold, in ten partshārya - to be borne or carrieddhārya - to be kept (also in the memory), to be upheld or maintained