Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 25

sāttvikaḥ ekādaśakaḥ pravartate vaikṛtād ahaṃkārāt | bhūtādeḥ tanmātraḥ sa tāmasaḥ taijasād ubhayam ||

sattva - clarity; the quality of transparency or purity; luminous; honesty; the quality of goodness; material or elementary substance, entity, matter; nature, disposition of mind; being, existence, entity, realityekādaśa - consisting of eleven; the eleventhpravarta - engaging in, undertakingvaikṛta - modified, derivative, secondary; undergoing change, subject to modificationahaṃkāra - individuation; conception of individuality; the making of selfbhūta - material element, one of the 5 elements; that which is or exists, any living being; being or being like anything, consisting of, mixed or joined withtanmātra - thatness, only that; a rudimentary or subtle element;sa - this; with, together or along withtāmasa - appertaining to or affected by the quality tamas; ignorant, various; darknesstaijasa - originating from or consisting of lightubhaya - both