Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 22

prakṛteḥ mahāṃ tataḥ ahaṃkāraḥ tasmāt-gaṇaḥ ca ṣoḍaśakaḥ |
tasmāt-api ṣoḍaśakāḥ pañcabhyaḥ pañca-bhūtāni ||

prakṛti - the original producer of the material world; nature or process of matter; nature, character, constitution, temper, dispositionmahat - great principle; intellectual principletatas - hence, from thatahaṃkāra - individuation; conception of individuality; the making of selftasmāt - from that, on that account, thereforegaṇa - a number; a flock, troop, multitude, number, tribe, series, classca - andṣoḍaśaka - consisting of sixteen, aggregate of sixteenapi - even, also, although; very; something more; moreoverpañca - fivebhūta - material element, one of the 5 elements; that which is or exists, any living being; being or being like anything, consisting of, mixed or joined with