Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 19

tasmāt-ca viparyāsāt siddhaṃ sākṣitvam-asya puruṣasya |
kaivalyaṃ mādhyastyaṃ draṣṭṛtvam-akartṛbhāvaḥ ca ||

tasmāt - from that, on that account, thereforeca - andviparyaya - wrong perception, misapprehension, error, mistake; intrinsic misconception; reversed, inverted, perverse, contrary tosiddhi - accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, attainment, successsākṣitva - the office of any legal witness, evidence, testimony, attestationasya - hispuruṣa - animating principle, self, consciousness, spirit; a person, man, a human being; peoplekaivalya - independence, freedom, emancipation, solitude, isolation, aloneness, separateness, abstraction, not connected with anything else; uncompounded, unmingledmadhya - moderateness; middle, central, being in the middle or centre; Intervening, intermediate; standing between two, impartial, neutraldraṣṭṛ - seer; one who sees, one who sees wellakartṛ - not an agentbhāva - becoming, being, existing, occurring, appearance