Yoga Rahasya Chapter Four verse 31

śārīra vyādhi hānāya śarīram-upayaḥ jayet |
mataḥ ca-cala hānāya prāṇāyāmaḥ prakīrtitaḥ ||

When the body is disordered, make use of the body to reduce.
When thought is agitated, make use of Prāṇāyāma to reduce.

śarīra - the body, bodily frame, solid parts of the bodyvyādhi - disorder, disease, ailmenthāna - the act of abandoning, relinquishing, giving up, escaping, getting rid of; gone or departed; cessationupāya - approach, coming near; that by which one reaches one's aim, a means, way, stratagem, craftjaya - mastery; conquest, victory, triumph, winningmata - a thought, idea, opinion, view, sentimentca - andcala - agitation. disturbed, unsteadyprāṇāyāma - extending the breathprakīrtita - announced, proclaimed, revealed, stated, said, mentioned; named, called; approved, praised, celebrated