Yoga Rahasya Chapter One verse 67

jālandharākhaya-bandhasya mūlam-uḍyāna-bandhanam |
niyamen-uḍḍīyānasya bandhasya-ābhyāsato dṛḍham |
nāḍīcakrāṇi śuddhāni bhavanti balavanti ca ||

Uḍḍīyāna Bandha is a pre-requisite for the
other two Bandha, Jālandhara and Mūla.
From the practice of Uḍḍīyāna Bandha the
Nāḍī and Cakra become purified and strengthened.

jālandhara - web or net holding; a kind of mudrābandha - fixing, directing; binding, tying, a bond, tie, chain, fettermūla - rootuḍḍīyāna - flying upniyama - observances; restraint of the mind; a rule or precept; obligation; restraining, checking, holding backnāḍī - channelcakra - a circle; a mystical circle or diagram; a circle or depression of the body; a potter's wheel; a discus or sharp circular missile weaponśuddha - pure, cleansed, cleared, clean, clear, free frombhāva - becoming, being, existing, occurring, appearancebala - strength, might, force; force or power of articulation