Yoga Rahasya Chapter One verse 45

āsanena vinā prāṇāyāmaḥ sidhyati na eva hi |
vinā prāṇa nirodhena na manaḥ sthiratāṃ vrajet ||

Without āsana, truly, prāṇāyāma cannot become accomplished.
Without containing prāṇa, the mind cannot achieve steadiness.

vinā - withoutāsana - particular posture; sitting, sitting down; seat, place, stool; abiding, dwellingprāṇāyāma - extending the breathsiddhi - accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, attainment, successeva - thusprāṇa - vital force; the breath of life; breath; inward airnirodha - to contain, enclose, cover, confine, restrain, surpressmanas - mindsthira - steadyvrajet - can achieve

Commentaries and Reflections

Paul Harvey:

“Without Āsana,
Prāṇāyāma cannot become accomplished.
Without containing Prāna,
the mind cannot achieve steadiness.”