Finding a Teacher – Pointers to Resourcing a Personal Yoga Practitioner

This page is (currently undergoing an extensive rewrite to re-publish as) a resource for guidance in finding Teachers equipped to teach Yoga individually within all situations, needs and requests. The aim of this resource is not to display the more usually found registers of ‘diploma certified’ teachers, rather it’s a more personal reference for seeking Yoga teachers. So what are the criteria that might be helpful in searching for a practitioner experienced in working individually with potential students, whatever their needs and options?

As well as Yoga teachers trained by me personally, this resource will also include Yoga teachers who were trained elsewhere. However they are personally recommended by those students who, having previously trained with me in the arts of transmitting Yoga to Individuals, have gone on to train their own students in this teaching methodology for applying Yoga practice and study specifically through one to one lessons, whatever the need or situation.

Thus it is offered as a UK & Overseas teachers resource listing local contact points for those interested in taking one to one Yoga lessons, whether for personal development or therapeutic healthcare, from a Practitioner rooted in this individualised teaching methodology from Krishnamacharya and Desikachar.

“TKV Desikachar did not teach different people different things.
Nor did he just teach the same thing to different people.
He taught different people the same thing in different ways.
The same could be said of T Krishnamacharya’s teaching.
Hence the context of the phrase the Viniyoga of Yoga.”

I would like to thank TKV Desikachar for all that I received from his transmission of the teachings of T Krishnamacharya through our decades of personal lessons, along with that of other students of Krishnamacharya and what these eminent teachers and all their students have offered to the world of Yoga.