Gītārtha Saṃgraha verse 9

karma-yogasya saukaryaṃ śaighryaṃ kāścana tad-vidhāḥ ।
brahma-jñāna-prakāraḥ ca pañca-mādhyāya ucyate ॥

karman - act, action, performance; work, labour, activity; any religious act or rite; organ of senseyoga - the act of yoking, joining, attaching, harnessing; a yoke, team, vehicle, conveyance; employment, use, application, performance; a means, expedient, device, way, manner, methodsaukarya - easiness of performance, practicability, facility; adroitness; easy preparation of food or medicineśaighrya - swiftness, rapidity, velocitykāścana - anyonetad - that, thisvidhā - to distribute, apportion, grant, bestow; to furnish, supply, procure; to spread, diffuse; to put in order, arrange, dispose, prepare, make ready; to put or lay on or in, direct towardsbrahmā - name of one of the principal hindu deities; referred to as the creator within the triple deity of supreme divinityjñāna - knowing; knowledge; higher knowledgeprakāra - sort, kind, nature, class, species, way, mode, manner;ca - andpañca - fivemādhya - middle, central, miducyate - be spoken or said, or told, or uttered