Gītārtha Saṃgraha verse 2

jñānakarmātmike niṣṭhe yogalakṣye susaṃskṛte |
ātmānubhūtisidhyarthe pūrvaṣaṭkena codite ||

jñāna - knowing; knowledge; higher knowledgekarman - act, action, performance; work, labour, activity; any religious act or rite; organ of senseātman - essence; the highest personal principle of life; the individual soul, selfanubhūta - experience, experienced; resulted, followed as a consequencesiddhi - accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, attainment, success

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by TKV Desikachar:

“It is honouring ones Dharma that will reveal the true nature of oneself.”

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

Overview to the Gītārtha Saṃgraha of Yāmunācārya