Gītārtha Saṃgraha verse 12

aiśvari-akṣara-yāthātmya-bhagavat-caraṇa-arthinām ।
veda-upādeya bhāvānam aṣṭame bheda ucyate ॥

aiśvarya - the state of being a mighty lord, sovereignty, supremacy, power, sway; superhuman power (either perpetual or transient, consisting, according to some, of the following eight: aṇiman, laghiman, mahiman, prāpti, prākāmya, vaśitva, īśitva, kāmāvasāyitva)akṣara - imperishableyāthātmya - real nature or essencebhagavat - divinecaraṇa - ‘the feet of’; the venerable; a pillar, support;arthin - one who wants or desires anything; supplicating or entreating any one; one who supplicates with prayersveda - sacred loreupādeya - to be taken or received; to be chosen or selected, excellent, admirable;bhāvana - cultivation; imagining, fancying; forming in the mind; to occupy one's imagination with, conceptionaṣṭama - the eighth; the eighth partbheda - dividing, breaking, splitting, cleaving, rending, tearing, piercing; distinction, difference, kind, sort, species, variety; separation, division, partition, part, portionucyate - be spoken or said, or told, or uttered