Gītārtha Saṃgraha verse 11

sva-yāthātmyaṃ prakṛtyāsya tirodhiḥ śaraṇāgotiḥ ।
bhakti-bhedaḥ prabuddhasya śraiṣṭhyaṃ saptama ucyate ॥

sva - own; one's self, one's own, my own, thy own, his own, her own, our own, their ownyāthātmya - real nature or essenceprakṛtyā - by nature, naturally, unalterably, properlytirodhā - concealment, secrecy; to cover, conceal, hide; to hide one's self from; to set aside, remove, conquerśaraṇāgati - approach for protectionbhakti - attachment, devotion; fondness for, devotion to, trust, homage, worship, piety, faith or love or devotion (as a religious principle or means of salvation, together with karma, ‘works’, and jñāna, ‘spiritual knowledge'.bheda - dividing, breaking, splitting, cleaving, rending, tearing, piercing; distinction, difference, kind, sort, species, variety; separation, division, partition, part, portionśraiṣṭhya - superiority, preeminence amongsaptama - the seventhucyate - be spoken or said, or told, or uttered