Bhagavad Gītā Chapter Seven verse 7

mattaḥ parataraṃ nānyat kiṃcid asti dhanaṃ jaya |
mayi sarvam idaṃ protaṃ sūtre maṇigaṇā iva ||

Not other than me anything higher O conquerer of wealth.
In me all this in strung like clusters of gems on a thread.

jaya - mastery; conquest, victory, triumph, winningsarva - allsūtra - threadmaṇi - a jewel, gem, pearl, any ornament or amulet, globule, crystaliva - as it were, as if

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by T Krishnamacharya:

“The Sūtra does not require the Gem.
But the Gem requires the Sūtra.
Just like there is a hole in every Gem,
there is a place for God in every Being
and that hole is the Heart.”