The Viniyoga of Planning Principles within Āsana Mudrā and Prāṇāyāma

– Vinyāsa Krama –
Intelligent sequence building in Āsana Mudrā & Prāṇāyāma

In terms of practice planning the spirit of Viniyoga
is achieved by two broad means:

1. The selection of practice material that is appropriate
to the needs and circumstances of the student.

2. The intelligent use of Vinyāsa Krama.

General Guidelines for Practice Planning:

1. Be clear about your purpose.

2. Hold the reflection
that practice is a means, not an end.

3. Remember ‘can’ is not the same as ‘should’.

4. Ask yourself what is most effective.

5. Plan for others as it applies to them,
not as it applies to you.

6. Consider its relationship to both
short term and long term goals.

7. Look to cultivate a quality of Sattva by
diminishing Tamas and channelling Rajas.

8. Keep it simple and consider how
to spend more time in fewer Āsana.

9. Make the practice shorter
than the time available.

10. Stick to the conventions of technique
unless there is a reason to change them.

General Guidelines for Choosing Āsana:

1. Yoga emphasises that Āsana must not be neglected,
it is a valid tool that needs a precise application, hence
respecting that there need to be guidelines when choosing.

2. Most of the Āsana are not close
to the postures of the body we use
in our daily life and its activities.

3. Āsana practice seems to mean
different things to different people.

4. These days people begin Āsana practice
at different stages of their life.

5. The body undergoes many changes
and then there are many influences on it
through oneʼs work, interests and otherwise.

6. It can be said no human body is perfect.
As such there are definitely certain
vulnerable parts and some strong aspects.

7. When the body gets used to certain things,
less awareness about them seems to happen.

8. There is also a restrictive
fight-flight-freeze response
which, in no time, can change
the physiology of the body.

9. It is not humanly possible to adapt Āsana
practice to respect all the considerations.
Hence, a safe compromise that produces
certain positive effects and limits negative
effects is the only proper alternative.

10. The principles we utilise through
the Viniyoga of Āsana practice are
a fair attempt in this direction.

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– Last updated 3rd April 2022