Meeting Krishnamacharya

Article about meeting T Krishnamacharya - From The Viniyoga Letter 1989 by Sonia Nelson

3 Gurus 48 Questions

Courtesy of Namarupa Magazine - Interviews by R Alexander Medin

My Studies with Sri Krishnamacharya

Courtesy of Namarupa Magazine - Article by S Ramaswami

About Sri T Krishnamacharya, my Guru

Article by S Ramaswami - Published whilst he was trustee of the KYM

TKV Desikachar A Tribute

Downloadable Book on Krishnamacharya's son - Publication by the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram

My Father’s Yoga

Article about T Krishnamacharya - Lecture by TKV Desikachar 1988

The King and the Young Man

Article about T Krishnamacharya - Translated by Bert Franklin with S Venkataraman

Independent Spirit

Interview with TKV Desikachar - by Fit Yoga Magazine April 2008

Krishnamacharya answers his students……

Questions to and Responses from T Krishnamacharya - KYM Darśanam - May 1994