Online One-to-One eStudy – Art of Viniyoga of Āsana Module One

Follow this link for details of the Art of Application of Āsana Module One Small Group Study Workshops

121 Online Viniyoga of Āsana eStudy Module One
– Empower your Body Exploring how to Customise Āsana

This particular eStudy Module consists of nine 121 live video meetings to facilitate a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student.

It introduces the student, through an online teaching dialogue, to the primary principles and essential teachings from T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar on the application of Āsana techniques and theory.

“The primary purpose for Āsana is to take us towards Yoga,
rather than just taking us towards more and more Āsana.

What are the unique advantages of 121 Online Yoga Practice and Theory eStudy Modules?

  • Modular programmes offering an individualised progressive pathway
  • Single topic specialisation for a study intensity and in-depth presentation
  • Exclusive 121 learning environment supporting study and attention to the student
  • Traditional transmission between teacher and student to optimise absorption
  • Relevance to the individual’s situation through dialogue facilitating interaction
  • Studying practice and texts with a personal rather than teacher training priority

It is open to all except complete beginners and offers an opportunity for any Yoga Student, teacher or trainee teacher from any Yoga background to develop and deepen their personal Yoga practice and study through learning to look into your Āsana practice with greater awareness.

It offers an in-depth approach to the Application of Āsana, through an experiential appreciation of the core teachings that underpin the Art of Āsana Practice, either for personal development or, if relevant, to enhance professional skills. It is also a prerequisite to further work in the 121 Online Viniyoga of Āsana eStudy Modules Two to Eight.

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Online One-to-One Yoga Practice and Yoga Texts Modular eStudy Options

Explore What is Yoga via the Art of Viniyoga
121 Online eStudy Modules for
Yoga or Chant Practice and Yoga Texts

With the advent of video technologies, I accepted to teach individual students Yoga lessons online, but solely within a one-to-one context. From a decade of experiencing this medium as a tool for transmission, I found it offered a valuable means of both working individually, whilst offering a worldwide communal access to the Yoga teachings accumulated from my decades-long studentship with TKV Desikachar.

From this process, I am now offering online modularised programmes in both Yoga Practice Techniques and Associated Yoga Texts. However, this also means that all the online Modules are facilitated solely through one-to-one meetings and live discussions between us. From within this shared setting, we can mutually explore the chosen topic together and a personalised relationship can arise, supported by extensive student workbooks adapted from my live small study group modules.

This way, we proceed with each step being taken in accordance with the student’s understanding live-linked in present time to the teacher’s guidance. As such, all the online sessions do not require viewing any pre-recorded video or sound files, nor accessing any downloadable material to be viewed remotely in one’s own time. 

Furthermore, as within the more customary Indian student-teacher learning paradigm, there is no advance reading nor homework, only the immediacy of the sharing inspiring a sense of reflection that follows on from the live connection. Here assimilation is the aim, in terms of a sustained holding onto the theme of the session.

To support this intention, our sessions can be recorded solely for your own personal reference. Plus, as the Module progresses there is space at the beginning of each session to allow time for a review and to accommodate any questions or observations that may have arisen between the meetings.

Finally, there is no written work to be completed either before or after our meetings, nor will there be any course completion credits offered. The priority instead is the sense of a continuation, realised through the aim of individual tuition, reflecting the fundamentals of T Krishnamacharya’s and TKV Desikachar’s teaching.

Namely, transmission occurs through the shared experience of the teacher and the student through one-to-one meetings, whether for developing a personalised Yoga practice, engaging in reflective study or refining teaching skills.

What are the unique advantages of Online 121 Yoga Practice and Textual eStudy Modules?

– Modular programmes offering an individualised progressive pathway
– Single topic specialisation for a study intensity and in-depth presentation
– Exclusive learning environment supporting study and attention to the student
– Traditional transmission between teacher and student to optimise absorption
– Relevance to the individual’s situation through dialogue facilitating interaction
– Studying practice and texts with a personal rather than teacher training priority

Online 121 eStudy Modules are arranged into two learning streams:

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Online eStudy Small Group Yoga Forum Sessions for your Questions

Online eStudy Small Group Yoga Forum Sessions for your Questions

Another medium I have been exploring options around is the notion of online video based learning groups. As it stands, I am clear that I have no wish to engage in pre-recorded mediums through posting online ‘teaching videos’ or ‘podcasts’, or setting up remote viewing video subscription processes for online webcasts, where there is no live interaction or possibilities for a two way multi-face dialogue.

Personally I feel that pre-recorded remote learning or catch-up Webcasts, or learning at leisure facilities that increasingly abound today are not really comparable to a two-way live learning interaction, even if it is online. I am a Yoga teacher who likes to meet and chat directly with students interested in my Yoga studentship with TKV Desikachar and thus want to offer a resource that can share directly and respond immediately to questions around personal Yoga practice, practice theory, textual study or Yoga teaching.

However I do increasingly appreciate the value of online learning resources. So this past couple of years I have been considering options where small groups of students can come together online within a live direct exchange environment to study within a specific area or topic focus, albeit with one caveat. This is that we must all be able see each other online and interact face to face, not just voice to voice, or text based format exchanges, as if a small group studying in a live situation.

Regarding this criteria I have been exploring whether the video technology around at this point in time can support such a request, rather than the more usual video conferencing facilities currently available. In this respect I am looking ahead to the autumn release of a facility for group based FaceTime video calls and I am proposing to initiate a project hopefully based around this option. Alternatively I am also looking at Skype’s group video calls facility as a more generic option.

Either way the intention behind this offering is to establish an online live video Yoga forum group eStudy sessions where you can put your questions around personal Yoga practice, practice theory, textual study or Yoga teaching. There will be no subscription required and it will live or die according to your interest and input in terms of questions and the interaction between them and my responses, based on my understanding formed from my studies with my teacher.

I am looking at an initial offering of a bi-weekly free meeting on a fixed weekday at around 18.00GMT in order to connect with those across other time zones. If this proves to be useful and supportive I will look at increasing the availability, albeit within the balance between my current teaching and non-teaching monthly diary. Plus this could evolve into other group options, exploring fixed topic developmental studies such as the Yoga Sūtra verse by verse, or even progressive Āsana practice theory.

This post will be updated over the autumn period once I have had a chance to get more hands-on with the video options, including the possibility of these being live recorded for attendees to have as an on-going reference. From here I will suggest a process by which we can establish a group for those interested in participating, given enrolment considerations and a limit on numbers set by the software available and my own wishes for a teaching intimacy.

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Yoga Yatta – A chance to chat around your questions on Yoga

yoga yatta image

I am receiving an increasing number of emails from around the globe regarding questions and requests for clarification around Yoga practice, theory and philosophy.

I talk more easily than I type and I also feel direct contact and dialogue is much more preferable to a keyboard based to’ing and fro’ing of views, opinions or questions.

Also we live increasingly in an age where direct face to face, albeit via screen and speaker, contact is possible through media such as Skype, FaceTime, WebEx, etc.

Hence I am proposing an offering of time and space using modern media to engage in a direct dialogue with your questions or requests for clarification with those interested.

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The Healthcare Yoga Programme – Fitness – Well Being – Recovery

Personal Yoga Lessons can be offered whether for Fitness, Well Being or Recovery

Private lessons can be for anybody in any situation or life phase, though those with specific interests or needs 
will find the advantages of working individually more beneficial than group classes.

Furthermore certain situations may better suited to individual Yoga Lessons and require practices and advice customised and developed for home use within the privacy of a personal context.

Thus whatever your situation 121 lessons mean Yoga can be customised to meet your needs as a:

  • Developmental Practice for Personal Pursuits of body, breath or mind, or
  • Constitutional Practice for Lifestyle Support in sustaining health, energy and vitality, or
  • Therapeutic Practice within Recovery from illness, disease or unhelpful lifestyle consequences
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Welcome to the Yoga Studies Journal and Webpages

Today marks the launching of a new website for offering Yoga Studies.

For me an exciting and welcome move as it pulls together a number of Yoga teaching, news and research strands into one web site. From this new home I will be more able to weave together the various dimensions of my Yoga communications without having to disperse my energies across numerous mediums.

The new Yoga Studies site will offer all visitors the possibility of easily accessing the various threads that currently live in my web world all from one site. The new venture also means that I now have the means to instantly publish news, blog and Sūtra updates to the web, or to my Facebook and Twitter pages or, if you use the RSS link on the page, to your own computer via your news reader, or via email subscription to your mail box.

I look forward to finally being able to develop my Yoga blog contributions, as well as the Yoga Sūtra Freenotes project in a way that will reach out more skilfully to the Yoga Community and even allow for return contributions to the various posts.

For this new project I am very grateful to my Dharma friend, web mentor and designer Ronen Hirsh for drawing me into the world of WordPress as a vehicle to help me actualise what I need to realise this aspect of my teaching Dharma.

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