Online eStudy Small Group Yoga Forum Sessions for your Questions

Online Live Video Yoga Forum Group eStudy Sessions for your Questions

Another medium I have been exploring options around is the notion of online video based learning groups. As it stands, I am clear that I have no wish to engage in pre-recorded mediums through posting online ‘teaching videos’ or ‘podcasts’, or setting up remote viewing video subscription processes for online webcasts, where there is no live interaction or possibilities for a two way multi-face dialogue.

Personally I feel that pre-recorded remote learning or catch-up Webcasts, or learning at leisure facilities that increasingly abound today are not really comparable to a two-way live learning interaction, even if it is online. I am a Yoga teacher who likes to meet and chat directly with students interested in my Yoga studentship with TKV Desikachar and thus want to offer a resource that can share directly and respond immediately to questions around personal Yoga practice, practice theory, textual study or Yoga teaching.

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