Live & Online 121 Yoga Learning & Healthcare Mentoring


Experienced Yoga Mentoring and Review processes for your One-to-One or Group Class, or Therapeutic Healthcare Work are available.

Live or Oline 121 Professional Mentoring within a personal dialogue.

Yoga Mentoring for your One-to-One, Group Class or Therapeutic Healthcare work are available with Paul either live or online.

“You must have teachers who will have mentoring
to respond in the following fields:

Health, Psychology and Spirituality.
– TKV Desikachar meeting with his 16 senior Western students in 1998

As well as drawing on his decades of working within one-to-one situations in the UK, this experience also benefits from Paul’s many years of sitting in with Desikachar during his evening clinical work as a consultant setting parameters and short and long-term directions for teaching assistants working within the KYM.

Aims of 121 Mentoring Meetings

They are offered for Yoga Practitioners who wish to further refine their individual Yoga meetings skills or group class curriculum processes through professional and supervised support.

It is a valid and useful medium for Yoga professionals to have mentoring for their group and especially their one-to-one work. It has proved especially helpful as a means of live intervention within the actual process of working with individuals or groups, rather than the more usual post-mortem style of case study reviews or group write-ups.

Using Mentoring in Professional situations, as an intervention between the initial consultation and commencing, as well as within the actual ongoing process of working with the individual, has facilitated a further learning opportunity for practitioners. It is also a helpful means to supervise your short-term and long-term learning outcome intentions prior to commencing a new group, as well as during your existing group work.

“The patient must be his own doctor, must observe himself,
use his own intelligence
 and find the right tools.
Fundamentally, the solution is in the patient’s discernment.

No one can understand for the patient.”
– TKV Desikachar

We can explore your individual or group class learning processes via:

  • Setting learning intentions and evaluating outcomes
  • Individual or group problem resolution
  • Applying Yoga to specific health conditions
  • Applying Yoga to specific life situations
  • Applying Yoga to specific activity situations
  • Short and long-term personalised practice plans
  • Short and long-term review priorities
  • Interpersonal interactions and intrapersonal responses
  • Setting priorities for forward mapping
  • Group class levels development strategies
  • Beginners Group class curriculum planning
  • Intermediate Group class curriculum planning
  • Advanced Group class curriculum planning

Fees for Live or Online 121 Mentoring Meetings

The Fee for Individual Sessions will be £58 per hour or pro-rata if more or less than an hour, thus £29 for 30′, £48 for 50′; £58 for 60′; £72.50 for 75′ and £87 for 90′ sessions.

In situations involving overseas transfers and/or currency exchanges, any extra charges would need to be added to allow for the extra costs involved.

Live or Online 121 Free Meeting for your Questions

A free half-hour is offered in the spirit of engaging and attending to your questions and offers, as an experienced guide, what I can from my long studies with my teacher. These one-off meetings are free of any future obligation and are merely a means to yatter around Yoga for me to understand your questions better in order to respond more clearly.

If you are interested then please do contact me and from there we can set up a meeting to chat about options or discuss your needs and requirements regarding one-to-one sessions. Follow this link for further information on Free Personal Online Meetings or to arrange an online meeting please use the contact page or email me.