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Live Small Group Yoga Practice & Yoga Texts Modular Overview

– Empower your Body Exploring how to Customise Āsana

This Page introduces the Viniyoga of Āsana Practice and Theory Modular Workshop Study Programme as taught by T Krishnamacharya to TKV Desikachar.

Together they offer deep and profound training in the application of Āsana and how it inspires and guides our personal Yoga practice and study Sādhana, either for personal development or, if relevant, professional skills.

“Another important aspect is that the masters
taught us to move from a deeper source,

not just from muscles and joints.”
– TKV Desikachar

As the student progresses through the interlinked and developmental Modules in the programme they will experience in-depth learning in all areas of Āsana practice and Āsana study theory.

Live Small Group Viniyoga of Āsana Practice & Theory Study Module One

The Art of Application of Āsana  Module One Personal Sādhana Workshop is limited to a maximum of five students to allow for a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student. It introduces the student, through a 2-day workshop, to the primary principles and teachings from T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar on the Art of Application of Āsana.

“The primary purpose for Āsana is to take us towards Yoga,
rather than just taking us towards more and more Āsana.

Based in the Cotswolds, it is presented with the aim of reflecting the fundamentals of Śrī T Krishnamacharya’s teaching, namely, transmission occurs through the direct experience of the teacher with the student’s personal practice and study Sādhana. It offers an in-depth introduction to the Application of Āsana, through an experiential appreciation of the core teachings that underpin the art of Āsana, either for personal development or, if relevant, to enhance professional skills.

The Art of Application of Āsana Modular Workshops reflects the teachings of TKV Desikachar and his teacher T Krishnamacharya as taught to Paul Harvey over 25 years through:

  • Guidance in emphasising a personal Āsana Practice to support your everyday life
  • Understanding the principles in Āsana which inspire and shape Yoga practice
  • An overview of Yoga teachings around Āsana practice
  • Familiarisation with Yoga Āsana terminology and practice techniques
  • Appreciating how your body can work more effectively in Āsana
  • Deepening our work with and the importance of Āsana in practice

To present a view of the Application of Āsana to help develop our practice and deepen our relationship with Yoga. They are offered with respect for the vital source from which these Yoga teachings originated and their place in our age and culture.

It is also a prerequisite to further work in:

– the Live Small Group Art of Āsana Study Modules Two to Eight

– or, the Online 121 Art of Āsana eStudy Modules Two to Eight

– Āsana Modules Two to Eight may be taken in any order

The Viniyoga of Āsana Module One Workshop topics offer over 10 hours through:

1. Learning practice techniques, observation skills and awareness processes to help refine your short-term and long-term personal Āsana practice – 2.0 hours

  • Introduction to Āsana practice according to age
    – Core concept – Yoga Krama – posture, breathing and meditation
  • Introduction to Āsana practice according to health
    – Core concept – Sakti Krama – recovery, support or discovery
  • Introduction to Āsana practice according to lifestyle
    – Core concept – Prayoga – according to your background
  • Introduction to Āsana practice according to the energetic constitution
    – Core concept – Tridoṣa – optimising your system
  • Introduction to Āsana practice according to the psychological constitution
    – Core concept – Dvikrama – influencing your mind

2. Study of Āsana Practice Techniques and Practice Theory 8.0 hours

  • Introduction to definition, meaning and context of Āsana
    – Core concept – Nāma Rūpa Lakṣana – name, form and characteristics
  • Introduction to how Āsana are arranged into groups and categories
    – Core concept – Vinyāsa Krama – collecting postures together
  • Introduction to how counter postures or Pratikriyāsana are used
    – Core concept – Pratikriyāsana– maintaining the balance
  • Introduction to how we breathe in Āsana
    – Core concept – Prāṇāpāna Dhāraṇā – where the focus is
  • Introduction to why we move or stay in Āsana
    – Core concept – Circulation and Purification – dynamic and static
  • Introduction to how we adapt our Āsana practice
    – Core concept – Variation and Modification – change and necessity
  • Introduction to how we intelligently plan our Āsana practice
    – Core concept – Bṛṃhaṇa and Laṅghana Kriyā – connecting postures together
  • Introduction to how we Observe within our Āsana practice
    – Core concept – Spine, Breath and Attention – learning to look
  • Reviews, Summaries and Informal guidelines of a practical nature through questions for reflection, Āsana practice direction for your personal Āsana practice
    – Core concept – attitude – following up our learning