The Bristol Yoga Centre for Lessons, Classes, Workshops and Trainings

Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Bristol Background

The name Yogāñjali, once used by Krishnamacharya as the name of a Yoga Magazine in the 1950’s, was offered by TKV Desikachar after visiting the building in Bristol in 1998, during a UK teaching tour, before it became a Yoga Centre from January 1999.

The word añjali means to offer with respect for whom is receiving. So Yogāñjali – pronounced as in Patāñjali – is where Yoga Practices, Teachings and Trainings are offered through small group classes and individual lessons with respect for the student, their situation and need.

Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Entrance and Car park

Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Teaching

The Study and Training Programme at the Bristol centre was established by Paul Harvey and reflects the teachings of TKV Desikachar and his teacher the eminent T Krishnamacharya as taught to Paul through personal lessons in India with his teacher over 23 years.

TKV Desikachar and Paul Harvey

Paul with his Yoga Teacher TKV Desikachar at the opening of Yogāñjali in 2000

“A guru is not one who has a following.
A guru is one who can show me the way.
Suppose I’m in a forest and somehow I’ve lost my way.
Then I meet somebody and ask, “Can you show me the way home?”
That person might say, “Yes, you go this way”.
I say “Thank you,” and I go on my way.
That is a guru.”
TKV Desikachar

The aim at Yogāñjali is the viniyoga of Yoga or the appropriate application of Yoga through classes, lessons, workshops and Yoga teacher training respecting the spirit of TKV Desikachar’s teaching.

Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Facilities

The Centre offers all the facilities a Yoga student needs for supporting practice and study with a large warm group room with good light, wood flooring and both overhead and under floor heating systems.

Yogāñjali Group Class Yoga Practice and Study Room

The main group room has cotton and sticky Yoga mats, blocks, chairs and meditation stools.

Plus there is a separate private space for Yoga Tuition or Therapy through personal meetings, teachers supervision or for free Yoga consultations.

Private 121 Yoga Lessons Consultation Room

Private 121 Yoga Lessons Consultation Room

The refreshment area is fitted with an Ecoboiler offering fully purified constant flow hot and cold drinking water.

Refreshment Area for Yoga Students

Refreshment Area for Yoga Students

All cYs UK Study and Training Weekend Workshops are held at the Yoga Centre and include delicious vegetarian lunches in the course fee as well as having a range of teas, coffee and fresh fruit available at all times.

In addition there is now an outdoor sitting area with a budddhaface water feature.

Outdoor Area for Yoga Students

Outdoor Area for Yoga Students

Water feature

Water feature