Day and Evening Group Yoga Classes in Bishopston, Bristol at Yogāñjali


The aim is to reflect the fundamentals of Śrī Krishnamacharya’s teaching, namely, transmission occurs through the direct experience of the teacher with the students personal practice and study Sādhana.

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1. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Location & Directions
2. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Facilities
3. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Teachers
4. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Group Class Levels
5. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Group Class Schedule
6. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Group Class Fees and Availability

1.Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Bristol Group Class Location and Directions

Princes Place, Off Gloucester Road
Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NP

Getting There
From the centre of Bristol the following buses pass Princes Place: 71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 98, 99.
Or from the central bus station take buses 308, 309, or 310.

Facilities for Car and Cycle Parking
There is parking for around 8-10 cars at Yoganjali but none on Princes Place.
If coming by car and there is no room in the car park then please park on adjacent 
streets or on Gloucester Road itself and walk back up Princes Place. Plus there are bike racks inside Yoganjali Yoga Centre car park.

2. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Bristol Group Class Facilities

The Yoga Centre offers all the facilities a Yoga student needs for supporting practice and study with a large warm group room with good light, wood flooring and both overhead and under floor heating systems.

Yogāñjali Group Class Yoga Practice and Study Room

The main group Yoga room has cotton and sticky Yoga mats, Yoga blocks,  chairs and meditation stools.

3. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Bristol Group Class Teachers

All the teachers offering Yoga Classes at Yoganjali have successfully completed a four year Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapy Practitioner through the Centre for Yoga Studies or Viniyoga Britain with Paul Harvey.

The cYs/VB Diploma validates the holder as having qualified to Practice offering Yoga Tuition or Yoga Therapy in the UK and Ireland as well as in any of the member countries in the European Union of Yoga Federations.

All cYs/VB Qualified Practitioners are also required to attend Yoga Teaching or Yoga Therapy Continuing Professional Development Courses in order to maintain appropriate UK Regulatory Body Certifications for Yoga Teaching and, if required, Yoga Therapy status.

4. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Bristol Group Class Levels

Evening Group Yoga Classes are available in Bristol for different levels of experience and interest. They are held, usually weekly, in termly cycles and are suitable for Yoga students who, without especially limiting problems, prefer working within a group.

Yoga Group Class Levels I/II

are for beginning and continuing Yoga students to present the basic principles of practice. The emphasis is primarily on learning Introductory Yoga practice through the use of primary Yoga āsana with appropriate Yoga breathing patterns.  Plus introducing simple seated Yoga practices for breath and attention.

Yoga Group Class Levels II/III

are for continuing Yoga students familiar with the basic principles of level I/II. The emphasis is still on primary Yoga āsana but the practice is developed through work with introducing intermediate āsana.

Plus adding depth to the primary āsana through subtler Yoga techniques. Developing simple Yoga meditational techniques for breath and attention. Exploring Yoga meditational techniques through seated Yoga breathing practices for refining breath and attention.

5. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Bristol Group Class Schedule 2015


Tuesday Morning – Marian Hacking-Gaines

  • Yoga Group Class Level I/II 9.45-11.00am

Phone: 0117 902 7860

Tuesday Evening – Lynette White

  • Yoga Group Class Level I/II 6.30-7.45pm
  • Yoga Group Class Level II/III 8.00-9.15pm

Phone: 0117 985 3543

Thursday Evening – Marian Hacking-Gaines

  • Yoga Group Class Level II/III 6.00-7.15pm
  • Yoga Group Class Level I/II 7.30-8.45pm

Phone: 0117 902 7860

6. Yogāñjali Yoga Centre Bristol Group Class Fees & Availability

  • The current adult class fees are £7.00 – £8.00 per Yoga class payable termly in advance.

For further information please contact the Yoga teacher concerned who can advise you regarding availability of places, suitability, term dates and class fee (costed according to the number of weeks in the term and the students entry point).