The Healthcare Yoga Programme – Recovery – Well Being – Fitness


The aim is to reflect the fundamentals of Śrī Krishnamacharya’s teaching, namely, transmission occurs through the direct experience of the teacher with the students personal practice and study Sādhana.

Personal Yoga Lessons can be offered whether for Fitness, Well Being or Recovery

Private lessons can be for anybody in any situation or life phase, though those with specific interests or needs 
will find the advantages of working individually more beneficial than groups. Furthermore certain situations may better suited to individual Lessons requiring personalised practices and lifestyle advice customised and developed for home use within the privacy of a 121 meeting.

In modern life Yoga practice can be applied both therapeutically
 or developmentally to enhance health, well being 
or life potential from many different directions, such as to support our efforts to:

  • Learn to care for health issues such as 
back pain, arthritis, asthma, circulatory 
or digestive disorders
  • Reduce dependency on social 
and medical drugs or overeating
  • Address lifestyle skill issues, unhelpful living rhythms and dietary patterns
  • Influence and Elevate attention and focus in mental or emotional states
  • Explore and Access physical potentials and specific physical goals
  • Improve and Enhance personal fitness and energy levels
  • Access specialised integration of specific Yoga or Chanting Practices

Yoga Lessons are uniquely Customisable and Developmental according to your Needs

Thus whatever your situation 121 lessons mean Yoga can be customised to meet your needs as a:

  • Developmental Practice for Personal Pursuits of body, breath or mind, or
  • Constitutional Practice for Lifestyle Support in sustaining health, energy and vitality, or
  • Therapeutic Healthcare Practice within Recovery from illness, disease or unhelpful lifestyle consequences

Utilising Yoga concepts it is possible, within a careful individual Yoga teaching, to introduce practices and lifestyle skill strategies that both respect our issues, problems or health, as well as supporting our intention to reduce their negative effects in the future, alongside cultivating positive alternatives.

Here the approach must be different for each person as our potential to practice Yoga will be affected by the problem, or the problem by our attitude towards working with it. However, practicing Yoga for healthcare recovery, as a lifestyle support skill or for personal development also presumes that we are willing to accept responsibility for making and sustaining changes within our own situation.

Also according to Āyurveda those diseases that are chronic and cannot be cured by medicine alone can also be helped by using Yoga. So Yoga can be used as a support alongside or complement to other forms of healthcare.

A Personal Yoga Practice is designed for regular use at home

It can vary from a two or three times daily short 10-15 minute practice for Yoga as therapeutic healthcare, 
to an hour or more single practice for students, depending on its role and how much time 
the Yoga student is prepared to make available. Typically it is around 25 minutes for beginners working with general postures. This can expand as we develop our work with postures or embrace progressive facets of practice.

The Yoga Teacher guides the student through the Yoga practice, carefully ensuring that 
it meets their needs and that they are comfortable with the structure and forms used. The frequency and overall span of personal Yoga lessons can vary according 
to the needs, concerns and requests of the Yoga student regarding such as seated breathing, meditation or other practices.

The Healthcare Yoga Programme provides an opportunity to have a

set number of meetings through which we have time to adapt, review, refine and develop your personal Yoga 
practice as well as time to explore lifestyle support strategies, firstly by respecting your limitations and then by exploring your potentials. Here time can be given to exploring your needs and developing personal practice and lifestyle support skills appropriate to your situation, interests and commitments.

 The Healthcare Yoga Programme Initial Core Package includes:

  • One Full Initial Yoga Healthcare Consultation of 75 minutes which also includes a Personalised Practice Assessment, Lifestyle Skill Support and Initial Home Practice Programme designed for around 30-60 minutes if a single daily practice or 15-20 minutes if a twice daily practice.
  • Five follow-up Personal Lesson and Review Meetings comprising two 60 minute Personal Practice Lessons and three 30 minute Personal Practice Review Meetings alternating over 4 months for short term personal practice support, lifestyle skill strategies and longer term personal practice development.
  • The Initial Healthcare Yoga Programme Core Package Cost for the 6 meetings is £240 and is payable on commencement of the programme.

 The Healthcare Yoga Programme Follow-on Core Package focuses on:

  • Short Term Home Practice Support
  • Longer Term Home Practice Development
  • Lifestyle Support Skills Development
  • Longer Term Healthcare Needs Support
  • A Healthcare Yoga follow-on package offers a further three 60 minute Personal Practice Lessons and three 30 minute Personal Practice Review Meetings alternating over 4 months for short term personal practice support, lifestyle skill strategies and longer term personal practice development.
  • The Follow-on Healthcare Yoga Programme Package Cost for the 6 meetings is £230 and is payable on commencement of the programme.

The Healthcare Yoga Programme Free Initial Meeting

A free preliminary half hour meeting is available with Paul. Please email to arrange an initial meeting, either at his studio near Stroud or Online, to chat around options regarding Yoga 
as Individual lessons within a Healthcare Yoga Programme. For further information please use the contact page or email me.