121 Online Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism eStudy Module One


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121 Online Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism eStudy Module One
– Feel your Self as Being within the Essence of the Ultimate Reality

This particular Module One consists of nine 121 live video meetings to facilitate a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student.

It introduces the student, through an online teaching dialogue, to the primary principles and essential teachings from T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar within the Upaniṣat.

“Holding the body steady, with the three (upper parts, chest, neck, head) erect,
causing the senses and the mind to enter the heart,
the wise person should cross by the boat of Mantra all the fear bringing streams of the mind.”
– Śvetāśvatara Upaniṣat Chapter 2 verse 8

What are the unique advantages of 121 Online Yoga Practice and Theory eStudy Modules?

  • Modular programmes offering an individualised progressive pathway
  • Single topic specialisation for a study intensity and in-depth presentation
  • Exclusive 121 learning environment supporting study and attention to the student
  • Traditional transmission between teacher and student to optimise absorption
  • Relevance to the individual’s situation through dialogue facilitating interaction
  • Studying practice and texts with a personal rather than teacher training priority

It is open to all except complete beginners and offers an opportunity for any Yoga Student, teacher or trainee teacher from any Yoga background to develop and deepen their personal Yoga practice and study.

Complete in itself it offers an in-depth approach to the Upaniṣat, through an experiential appreciation of the core teachings that underpin the Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism, either for personal development or, if relevant, to enhance professional skills.

As well as being a sound overview and in-depth introduction to the primary principles and teachings from the major Upaniṣat, it is also a prerequisite to further work through  the Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism – Module Two Personal Sādhana Course.

121 Online Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism eStudy Module One Framework

The online Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism Module One reflects the teachings of TKV Desikachar and his father and teacher T Krishnamacharya as taught to Paul Harvey over 25 years through:

  • Guidance in emphasising a personal reflective study to support your life.
  • Understanding the principles that inspire and inform Yoga teachings.
  • An overview of primary Upaniṣat concepts around body and mind.
  • Familiarisation with basic Upaniṣat terms and practice techniques.
  • Appreciating how chanting the Upaniṣat can aid their absorption and deepen our understanding.
  • Deepening the reflective aspects of our personal practice with the Upaniṣat.

To present a view of the Upaniṣat through which students can support and develop their own Yoga Sādhana and deepen their appreciation of the possibilities for the Upaniṣat in their lives. They are offered with respect for the vital source from which these Yoga teachings originated and their place in our age and culture.

“As the spider moving upward by the thread obtains free space,
thus assuredly the meditator,
moving upward by the Mantra obtains svatantra.”
– Maitrī Upaniṣat C6 v22

121 Online Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism eStudy Module One Professional

Even though the Upaniṣat teachings developed in the Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism Modular Courses can enhance any Yoga Teachers professional skills in the fields of Yoga Psychology and Yoga Therapeutic Healthcare, there is no requirement to teach or to intend to teach Yoga. This is not the role of the course.

The role of this Course is not to train students as Yoga teachers although the Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism Course will obviously enhance any Yoga teacher’s skills in the area of Yoga Psychology and Yoga Therapeutic Healthcare.

In fact, not everybody wants to or actually needs to become a Yoga teacher to further their practice and study. Here the priorities are towards personal development and thus questions relating to our personal practice and study are the priorities. These Courses reflect this viewpoint.

“Abhyāsa, when performed with reverence, without interruption, over a long period of time, will result in a healthy body, acute senses and extraordinary alertness.”
– T Krishnamacharya

The aim is that we are all here in this course as students and it offers an opportunity for all teachers to step back from their teaching role and re-enhance their personal study and practice path.

121 Online Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism eStudy Module One topics total over 7.5 hours through:

  • Exploring some key concepts that underpin this Teaching.
  • How the Upaniṣat are linked.
  • What are the key concepts in each.
  • Which Upaniṣat are most important.
  • Why we need a view such as the Upaniṣat.
  • Learning to look from the Upaniṣat at our relationship with others.
  • Linking the Upaniṣat to the ebb and flow of daily life.

121 Online Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism eStudy Module One Duration, Prerequisites, Timings, Fees and Commencement

A total of over 7.5 hours through 9 online sessions of 50′ each.

A minimum of one year’s attendance at a Yoga group class of any Yoga approach, or 10 individual Yoga lessons with any Yoga teacher.

The online Module One is offered to students in the form of nine 121 meetings via Skype, FaceTime, or another compatible live link video medium, to allow for a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student.

The timings for each session will be 50′. They total 7.5 hours of 121 teaching held over nine meetings at intervals to be negotiated between student and teacher. The suggestion at this point is around 2-4 weeks between meetings.

The fee for the online Module One will be a special module exclusive package price of £415 for the nine sessions and includes a pre-prepared PDF manual as a workbook support. For students using the UK Banking BACS payment system this will be the transferable fee.

However where there are cross country or cross currency transfer fees involved then these need to be added on so the received fee is still £415.

The Fee Structure can include a split payment whereby an initial payment of £215 prior to the online meetings commencing and a further payment of £200 before session 5 convenes.

Missed or cancelled meetings at less than 24 hours notice are chargeable. In these situations further meetings to catch up on content are possible and can be added on at a fee of £47 per 50′ session.

Commencement is dependent on current diary spaces for 121 students. Subject to availability, online meetings can begin after agreeing a mutually convenient time and frequency and transfer of initial fee.

121 Online Free eMeeting for your Questions

A free half-hour is offered in the spirit of engaging and attending to your questions and offering, as an experienced guide, what I can from my long studies with my teacher. These one-off meetings are free of any future obligation and are merely a means to yatter around Yoga for me to understand your questions better in order to respond more clearly.

If you are interested then please do contact me and from there we can set up a meeting to chat around options or discuss your needs and requirements regarding 121 online eLearning. Follow this link for further information on Free Personal Online Meetings or to arrange an online meeting please use the contact page or email me.