Online 121 Art of Yoga Practice Techniques & Theory Modular eStudy Overview

Explore What is Yoga via the Art of Viniyoga
through Online 121 eStudy Modules for
Yoga or Chant Practice and Yoga Texts

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With the advent of video technologies, I accepted to teach individual students Yoga lessons online, but solely within a one-to-one context. From a decade of experiencing this medium as a tool for transmission, I found it offered a valuable means of both working individually, whilst offering a worldwide communal access to the Yoga teachings accumulated from my decades-long studentship with TKV Desikachar.

From this process, I am now offering online modularised programmes in both Yoga Practice Techniques and Associated Yoga Texts. However, this also means that all the online Modules are facilitated solely through one-to-one meetings and live discussions between us. From within this shared setting, we can mutually explore the chosen topic together and a personalised relationship can arise, supported by extensive student workbooks adapted from my live small study group modules.

This way, we proceed with each step being taken in accordance with the student’s understanding live-linked in present time to the teacher’s guidance. As such, all the online sessions do not require viewing any pre-recorded video or sound files, nor accessing any downloadable material to be viewed remotely in one’s own time. 

Furthermore, as within the more customary Indian student-teacher learning paradigm, there is no advance reading nor homework, only the immediacy of the sharing inspiring a sense of reflection that follows on from the live connection. Here assimilation is the aim, in terms of a sustained holding onto the theme of the session.

To support this intention, our sessions can be recorded solely for your own personal reference. Plus, as the Module progresses there is space at the beginning of each session to allow time for a review and to accommodate any questions or observations that may have arisen between the meetings.

Finally, there is no written work to be completed either before or after our meetings, nor will there be any course completion credits offered. The priority instead is the sense of a continuation, realised through the aim of individual tuition, reflecting the fundamentals of T Krishnamacharya’s and TKV Desikachar’s teaching.

Namely, transmission occurs through the shared experience of the teacher and the student through one-to-one meetings, whether for developing a personalised Yoga practice, engaging in reflective study or refining teaching skills.

What are the unique advantages of Online 121 Yoga Practice eStudy Modules?

– Modular programmes offering an individualised progressive pathway
– Single topic specialisation for a study intensity and in-depth presentation
– Exclusive learning environment supporting study and attention to the student
– Traditional transmission between teacher and student to optimise absorption
– Relevance to the individual’s situation through dialogue facilitating interaction
– Studying practice and texts with a personal rather than teacher training priority

Online 121 eStudy Modules are arranged into two learning streams
– Yoga Practice and Yoga Texts.
This Page outlines eStudy Modules for Yoga Practice

The Art of Yoga Practice –
Yoga & Chant Practice Techniques and Theory eStudy

The five links below will take you to a page where you can explore each of these five topics of Āsana, Mudrā, Prāṇāyāma, Dhyānam and Chanting. Each topic offers a range of in-depth Online 121 eStudy Modules for your personal practice, study interest and development, or if relevant, professional skills.

Empower your Body Exploring how to Customise Āsana
– Art of Āsana eStudy Modules One to Ten – 7.5 Hours Each

Empower your Energy Exploring how to Customise Mudrā
– Art of Mudrā eStudy Modules One to Two – 7.5 Hours Each

Empower your Breath Exploring how to Customise Prāṇāyāma
– Art of Prāṇāyāma eStudy Modules One to Three – 7.5 Hours Each

Empower your Mind Exploring how to Customise Dhyāna
– Art of Dhyāna eStudy Modules One to Two – 7.5 Hours Each

Free your Voice to Experience the Source of Vibration
– Art of Sound & Chanting eStudy Module One – 7.5 Hours
– Art of Yoga Chanting eStudy Modules Two to Three – 7.5 Hours Each
– Art of Veda Chanting eStudy Modules Two to Three – 7.5 Hours Each

The study of each of these five primary Yoga Practice topics begins with an Online 121 or Live Small Group Module One as a starting point for the student. From there, a further range of follow-on Modules are available. Together they allow a uniquely comprehensive intensive exploration of all facets of Yoga Practice Techniques and Yoga Practice Theory.

Online 121 YogaPractice eStudy Modular Duration, Fees and Commencement

All the online Modules are offered to students in the form of nine 121 meetings via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or another compatible live link video medium, to allow for a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student.

The timings for each session will be 50′. They total 7.5 hours of 121 teaching held over nine meetings at intervals to be negotiated between student and teacher. The suggestion at this point is around 1-2 weeks between meetings.

The fee for each online Module will be a modular exclusive package price of £405 upfront for the nine sessions. Each Course includes a pre-prepared PDF handbook as a study and teaching support.

For students using the UK Banking BACS payment system, this will be the transferable fee. However where there are cross-country or cross-currency transfer fees involved then these need to be added on so the received fee is still £405.

The Module fee is non-refundable. However, given adequate notice existing course dates can re-arranged where mutually agreeable options are available.

Missed or cancelled meetings at less than 24 hours notice are chargeable. In these situations, further meetings to catch up on content are possible and can be added on at the module exclusive fee of £45 per 50′ session.

As a further option, additional 121 personal practice lessons can be added to any course at the time of booking, at the module exclusive fee of £45 per 50′ session.

Commencement is dependent on current diary spaces for 121 students. Subject to availability, online meetings can begin after agreeing on a mutually convenient time and frequency and transfer of the initial fee.

Online 121 Free eMeeting for your Questions

A free half-hour is offered in the spirit of engaging and attending to your questions and offering, as an experienced guide, what I can from my long studies with my teacher. These one-off meetings are free of any future obligation and are merely a means to yatter around Yoga for me to understand your questions better in order to respond more clearly.

If you are interested then please do contact me and from there we can set up a meeting to chat about options or discuss your needs and requirements regarding 121 online eLearning. Follow this link for further information on Free Personal Online Meetings or to arrange an online meeting please use the contact page or email me.