Live or Online 121 Free Personal Meetings for your Questions

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A free half-hour is offered to chat around helping to answer any questions and offering, as an experienced guide, what I can from my studies. As one-off meetings, they are free of any obligation and merely a means to chat about Yoga.

Yoga Yatta – A chance to chat about your questions on Yoga

The Saṃskṛta word Yatta means to be attended to, guided; engaged in, intent upon, prepared for, and ready to. Hence Yoga Yatta is offered in that spirit of engaging in meetings and attending to your questions and offers, as an experienced guide, what I can from my long studies. If you are interested then please do use the contact page to let me know and from there we can set up a meeting, either live or online, to yatter more.

The meetings will be up to 30′. These meetings, either at my home or online, will be at a time that works for both of us, considering our schedules and, if relevant, time zone differences. All meetings will be one-off sessions and will be completely free, with no agenda. In fact, even if a student contacts me wanting to explore options for study then I would suggest this route anyway as I feel the first priority is to share mutual expectations.

In the case of lessons, should the outcome be that you are interested in commencing One-to-One lessons or in pursuing online studies? Then a more formal arrangement for future meetings along with a fee-paying setup can be discussed. Either way, these one-off meetings are offered free of any future obligation and are merely a means to chat about Yoga and a chance for me to understand your need in order to respond more clearly.

Thank you for your interest.