The Art of Professional Studies CPD/IST Yoga eStudy Options & Trainings

Practitioner IST and Post-Qualification CPD Programmes offer authentic trainings in the
Art of Practice, Study and Teaching in the Approach of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar.

Themes for CPD/IST relevant Yoga Training Online 121 eStudy Modules include:

  • Adapting the Body – The Art of Observing and Adjusting Āsana
  • Developing the Body – The Art of Teaching how to Advance Āsana
  • Exploring the Breath – The Art of Teaching Prāṇāyāma through Āsana
  • Within the womb another life – The Art of Teaching Yoga within Pregnancy
  • First steps, first actions – The Art of Teaching Yoga for Children
  • Working stresses, living strains – The Art of Teaching Yoga for the Workplace
  • Sporting actions, physical reactions – The Art of Teaching Yoga for Sports
  • Later life, space for growth – The Art of Teaching Yoga for the Elder

They are available through:
– 7.5 online hours 121 tuition over 9 sessions

These themes provide a focus for an exploration of strategies to work with Yoga within settings that encompass both traditional approaches and modern application to group Yoga teaching. Supporting that aim many of the Art of Personal Studies online 121 Modules offer Specialist In-Service Training that can act as Continuing Professional Development fulfilment.

The Art of Teaching Group Yoga Class Curriculum Training Online 121 Modules or Online Small Group eStudy Modules

Offered below are training eStudy modules in the art of developing a group class Yoga teaching curriculum. The topics below are an exploration into cultivating and applying a professional developmental Yoga teaching curriculum within a beginning, intermediate and continuing group class format.

This Further Studies training is specifically around applying Yoga as an existing teacher, rather than learning Yoga in order to teach. This implies that the application of Yoga as a Practice and Practice Theory, Psychology and Philosophy will have been studied prior to applying for this Programme.

Accordingly these Group Class Professional Modules are only offered for Yoga Practitioners who have already qualified through the 300 hour 121 online Individual Teaching Practitioner Training Programme.

This prior study would offer eligibility for the following modules:

  • The Art of Group Class Teaching – Module One Beginning Teaching Curriculum
    – 7.5 online 121 hours or online small groups eStudy
  • The Art of Group Class Teaching – Module Two Intermediate Teaching Curriculum
    – 7.5 online 121 hours or online small groups eStudy
  • The Art of Group Class Teaching – Module Three Continuing Teaching Curriculum
    – 7.5 online 121 hours or online small groups eStudy

For further information or to discuss any aspects of the Further Studies Programme please use the contact page.