The Art of Professional Studies – CPD/IST Programme Options

The Practitioner and Postgraduate Programmes offer authentic trainings in the
Art of Practice, Study and Teaching in the Convention of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar.

They are offered to support 
Yoga teachers and trainee teachers from any background or approach with Continuing Professional Development needs within the fields of Yoga group class teaching.

Past or Future themes for CPD/IST relevant Yoga Training Seminars include:

  • Adapting the Body – The Art of Observing and Adjusting Āsana
  • Developing the Body – The Art of Teaching how to Advance Āsana
  • Exploring the Breath – The Art of Teaching Prāṇāyāma through Āsana
  • Within the womb another life – The Art of Teaching Yoga within Pregnancy
  • First steps, first actions – The Art of Teaching Yoga for Children
  • Working stresses, living strains – The Art of Teaching Yoga for the Workplace
  • Sporting actions, physical reactions – The Art of Teaching Yoga for Sports
  • Later life, space for growth – The Art of Teaching Yoga for the Elder

These themes provide a focus for an exploration of strategies to work with Yoga within settings that encompass both traditional approaches and modern application to group Yoga teaching. Supporting that aim many of the Art of Personal Studies 2 day Workshops and 4 day Courses offer Specialist In-Service Training that can act as Continuing Professional Development Events.

Their focus, as with all the Personal Sādhana Workshops and Courses, offer opportunities for all teachers and trainee 
teachers from any background or approach to enhance existing understanding and skills, or help explore 
new areas of expertise, through a 2 day Workshop Module or a 4 day Course Module.

The Modular Practice Techniques and Practice Theory Programme

offers Two Day Workshops followed by Four Day Courses on:

The Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts Modular Study Programme

offers Two Day Workshops followed by Four Day Courses on:

Each topic introduces the student, through a 2 day workshop complete in itself, to the selected area of practice or study. This can be followed by a foundational progression to refine and deepen our skills and experience via Course options comprising either four day courses or two linked two day courses over three months.

Furthermore, as all the Modular Workshops and Courses are limited to around five students, the arranging of the dates for the follow on Courses is according to the interest. But, as there will only be around around five students putting together a group has much more flexibility. They all aim to facilitate an in-depth focus in terms of intensity, relevance to group situations, all within an exclusive learning environment.

For further information or to discuss any aspects of the Programme please use the contact page.