Live Small Group Viniyoga of Mudrā Practice & Theory Module Two Study Workshop


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The Art of Application of Mudrā Module Two Prerequisites, Duration, Timings, Fees and Booking

Prospective students will have at least studied the:
– Online 121 Art of Āsana eStudy Module One or
– Live Small Group Art of Āsana Module One Workshop and
– Live Small Group Art of Mudrā Module One Workshop or
– Online 121 Art of Mudrā eStudy Module One

For further information on timings, fees, and bookings, or to arrange a free meeting to chat about your interest please go to the Live Group Practice Overview page on:

Live Small Group Yoga Practice & Theory Modular Overview

– Empower your Energy Exploring how to Customise Mudrā

The Art of Application of Mudrā Module Two Workshop is limited to a maximum of five students to allow for a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student. It is presented with the aim of reflecting the fundamentals of Śrī T Krishnamacharya’s teaching, namely, transmission occurs through the direct experience of the teacher with the student’s personal practice and study Sādhana.

Based in the Cotswolds, it is intended for those students who, having completed the Application of Āsana Module One and the Application of Mudrā Module One, wish to explore further, through a 2-day Workshop, the primary principles and teachings from T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar on the art of Mudrā either for personal development or, if relevant, to enhance professional skills.

Live Small Group Art of Application of Mudrā Module Two offers over 10 hours through 2 days:

  • Personal Mudrā Practice Observation – 2 hours
    – Learning practice techniques, observation skills and awareness processes to help refine your short-term and long-term personal Mudrā practice
  • Study of Mudrā Theory – 8.25 hours
     Why and how of using Intermediate and Advanced Mudrā within a Yoga practice
    – Informal support of a practical nature through review, reading, questions for reflection and guidelines for core and developmental personal Mudrā practices