Live Small Group Art of Dhyāna Practice & Theory Study Modules 1-2


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The Art of Application of Dhyāna Module One Workshop Prerequisites, Duration, Timings, Fees and Booking

Prospective students will have at least studied:
– The Application of Āsana Online eStudy Module One or
– The Application of Āsana Module One Workshop and
– The Application of Mudrā Module One Workshop and
– The Application of Prāṇāyāma Module One Workshop and

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Live Small Group Yoga Practice & Yoga Texts Modular Overview

– Empower your Mind Exploring how to Customise Dhyāna

This page introduces the Art of Application of Dhyāna Modular Workshop Student Study Programme. As the student progresses through the interlinked and developmental Modules they will experience in-depth learning in all areas of Dhyāna practice and Dhyāna study theory.

Together these Modules will initiate and empower the student in the arts of learning to skilfully work with the principles that underpin creating and sustaining a personalised Dhyāna practice. The outcome will be the ability to independently and intelligently choose, adapt and ultimately self-develop and self-refine our personal Dhyāna Sādhana in the fields of Dhyāna practice and Dhyāna study theory.

Live Small Group Viniyoga of Dhyāna Practice & Theory Module One

The Art of Application of Dhyāna Module One Personal Sādhana Workshop is limited to a maximum of five students to allow for a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student. It introduces the student, through a 2-day workshop, to the primary principles and teachings from T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar on the Art of Application of Dhyāna.

“In Jñāna Dhyānam the most difficult exercise for
the mind is the one of not exercising the mind.”

Based in the Cotswolds, it is presented with the aim of reflecting the fundamentals of Śrī T Krishnamacharya’s teaching, namely, transmission occurs through the direct experience of the teacher with the student’s personal practice and study Sādhana. It offers an in-depth introduction to the Application of Dhyāna, through an experiential appreciation of the core teachings that underpin the art of Dhyāna, either for personal development or, if relevant, to enhance professional skills.

It is also a prerequisite to further work in:

– the Live Small Group Art of Dhyāna Module Two Workshop

– Or, the Online 121 Small Group Art of Dhyāna eStudy Module Two

The Art of Application of Dhyāna Module One Personal Sādhana Workshops reflect the teachings of TKV Desikachar and his father and teacher T Krishnamacharya as taught to Paul Harvey over 25 years through:

  • Guidance in emphasising a personal Āsana Practice to support your everyday life
  • Understanding the principles in Āsana which inspire and shape Yoga practice
  • An overview of Yoga teachings around Āsana practice
  • Familiarisation with Yoga Āsana terminology and practice techniques
  • Appreciating how your body can work more effectively in Āsana
  • Deepening our work with and the importance of Āsana in practice

To present a view of the Application of Dhyāna to help develop our practice and deepen our relationship with Yoga Sādhana. This means respecting the vital source from which these teachings originated and their place in our age and culture. Its role is not to train students as Yoga teachers.

The Art of Viniyoga of Dhyāna Module One Workshop topics offer over 10 hours through:

1. Personal Dhyāna Practice Observation – 2 hours per Module

  • Learning practice techniques, observation skills and awareness processes to help refine your short-term and long-term personal Dhyāna practice

2. Study of Dhyāna Practice Theory – 8.0 hours

  • Exploring Dhyāna Practice according to Age
  • Exploring Dhyāna Practice according to Health
  • Exploring Dhyāna Practice according to Lifestyle
  • Exploring Dhyāna Practice according to Constitution
  • Exploring the components that make up a Dhyāna practice
  • Definition, purpose and benefits of Dhyāna
  • Introducing the Energetic and Psychological characteristics of Dhyāna
  • Introducing how Dhyāna is arranged in building a practice
  • Introducing how counterposes are used within Dhyāna practice
  • Introducing how we use the breath in Dhyāna practice
  • Introducing how we use movement and stay as tools for Dhyāna practice
  • Introducing how we modify or vary Dhyāna within our practice

3. Workshop Review Session and Home Study Guidelines – 0.25 hour

  • Informal support of a practical nature through review, reading, questions for reflection and guidelines for core and developmental personal Dhyāna practices