The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy Personal Study Workshop Module One


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The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy Workshop Module One
– See the World through Spirit whilst Living within the Field of Nature

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Personal Sādhana Workshop is limited to a maximum of five students to allow for a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student. It introduces the student to a weekend workshop on the primary principles and essential teachings from T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar on Sāṃkhya Philosophy and how they can inspire and inform our personal Yoga Sādhana.

Based in the Cotswolds, it is open to all except complete beginners. It offers an opportunity for a student from any Yoga background or style to have an in-depth introduction to the study of Sāṃkhya. It offers teachings on the Sāṃkhya Kārikā, either for personal development or professional skills.


They are presented with the aim of reflecting the fundamentals of Śrī T Krishnamacharya’s teaching, namely, transmission occurs through the direct experience of the teacher with the students personal practice & study Sādhana.

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It is intended for those students from any background or style who wish to explore further the teachings to develop and deepen their personal Yoga Sādhana. It is also a prerequisite to further work in the The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module Two Course.

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Workshop Framework

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosphy – Module One Personal Sādhana Workshop reflects the teachings of TKV Desikachar and his father and teacher T Krishnamacharya as taught to Paul Harvey over 25 years through presenting a view of Sāṃkhya through which students can support and develop their own practice and deepen their appreciation of the possibilities for the Sāṃkhya Kārikā in their lives.

The role of this Course is not to train students as Yoga teachers although the Sāṃkhya Philosophy Study Course will obviously enhance any Yoga teacher’s skills in the area of Yoga Teaching and Yoga as Therapeutic Healthcare.

They are offered with respect for the vital source from which these teachings originated and their place in our age and culture.

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Workshop topics total over 10 hours through

  • Embracing the unique world view of Sāṃkhya.
  • Understanding the principles that inspire and shape Sāṃkhya philosophy.
  • Why we need a world view such as Sāṃkhya.
  • Learning to look from Sāṃkhya at our relationship with the world.
  • Guidance in emphasising a personal reflective study to support our inner life.
  • Exploring the key concepts that underpin this Teaching.
  • Appreciating the influence of Sāṃkhya on Yoga, Buddhism and Āyurveda.
  • What are the key goals in its primary text the Sāṃkhya Kārikā.
  • Overview of primary Sāṃkhya concepts around body, mind and awareness.
  • Familiarisation with basic Sāṃkhya terms and reflective processes.
  • Which concepts are most important for personal Yoga study and Practice.
  • Deepening the reflective aspects of our personal Yoga study through Sāṃkhya.

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Workshop Prerequisites

A minimum of one year’s attendance at a Yoga group class of any Yoga approach, or 10 individual Yoga lessons with any Yoga teacher.

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Workshop Feedback

Support and advice will be offered on the students’ progress and on the possibilities for further development after the course.

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Workshop Certification

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Workshop Certificate of Completion is awarded to successful students with 100% attendance. It can also count for 10 CPD points for Yoga Teachers.

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Group Size Workshop Timings Fees & Booking

The Module One Personal Sādhana Workshops are limited to a maximum of five students to allow for a personalised approach and in-depth transmission between teacher and student. It is for  all Yoga students except complete Yoga beginners, or any Yoga teacher, or Yoga trainee teacher.

The days are on Saturday from 10.30-6.45 and Sunday from 9.00-2.00.

The 2020 Workshop fee will be £225 for the two days.
The 2021 Workshop fee will be £230 for the two days.
The 2022 Workshop fee will be £235 for the two days.
The 2023 Workshop fee will be £240 for the two days.

The full fee is payable at the time of booking and includes a pre-prepared colour printed manual, tuition, vegetarian lunches each day, all refreshments plus supper on the evening of the first day. Accomodation is not included in the teaching and catering fee.

To book please contact Paul directly. Payment can be made by bank cheque or bank transfer. Please indicate your preference and you will be provided with either the postal address for cheque or with bank details for transfer. Confirmation of your payment and place will be provided. All fees are non-returnable and non-transferable. In the case of the course not running, an acceptable alternative or a full refund will be offered.   

The Art of Sāṃkhya Philosophy – Module One Workshop Venue & Accommodation

All the weekends are based in the Cotswolds with a country setting and retreat atmosphere.


Do note that the fees will include lunch and, if staying overnight, evening supper to help with costs. Thus, if you have arranged to stay overnight locally there is no need to incur any further costs, apart from your accommodation, until you leave.