Welcome to the Art of Professional Studies – Yoga Practitioner Overview

Professional Practitioner Programmes offer an authentic training in the
Art of Practice, Study and Teaching in the approach of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar.

The Professional Studies 121 Yoga Teaching and Therapeutic Healthcare Programme

Both the 250 hour Prerequisite Core Practice and Study Courses and the 150 hour Practitioner Programmes are facilitated within an exclusive learning environment through a small study group with a maximum of five students supported by individual lessons.Their aim is to facilitate an in-depth transmission between the teacher and the student in terms of adding professional Viniyoga of Yoga 121 Practitioner skills.

What makes this programme unique within the modern Yoga world, with its diverse and numerous options for Yoga Teacher Training, is that it reflects the traditional transmission methodology that inspired and guided Krishnamacharya through his many decades of teaching Yoga to adults. Namely Yoga practice must be specifically adapted to the individual rather than adapting the individual to a generalised Yoga.

The Viniyoga of Yoga is a process rather than just a collection of techniques.

What is this traditional methodology? It is the process of offering a transmission of Yoga to the student through individual meetings for lessons for a uniquely personalised developmental practice and a personal dialogue, and through small study groups for transmission of teachings on and around Yoga.

Thus instead of the Western popularised model of a typical Yoga training Course with its primary focus aimed at producing Yoga group class teachers, Krishnamacharya’s Yoga teaching paradigm was more akin to that of training as a Yoga Practitioner rather than a Yoga Teacher. As you would if consulting with a Practitioner trained in fields such as Āyurveda, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Psychotherapy, Homeopathy, etc.

Furthermore, as a Practitioner trained in the Viniyoga of Yoga the teacher is not just limited to working with students in a therapeutic context. The uniqueness of the process used by Krishnamacharya and Desikachar was that within individual lessons Yoga could be taught not just to all types of students but for all types of situations, whether for personal empowerment, or lifestyle support or as therapeutic healthcare.

So as a Yoga Practitioner the teacher would meet with the student within a 121 situation and, through an extensive consultation process, discuss their needs, aspirations, strengths and issues, as well as what their possibilities and limitations are in engaging with the process of embodying a home practice. All before considering and offering a Yoga Practice uniquely adapted to the starting point of the person.

Furthermore this practice is monitored, adapted and appropriately evolved through consistent and regular meetings supported by the students own commitment to a consistent and regular home practice. All within the longer term aim of the student growing from dependence, through interdependence, to independence from the teacher through the cultivation, nurturing and flowering of their own Yoga Sādhana.

Hence I would emphasise that the Practitioner Programme is neither an eclectic amalgam, nor a bolt-on type course to add to an existing portfolio of styles. It is a deep training in a specific Yoga methodology that requires a commitment to explore the teachings of Krishnamacharya to Desikachar through our personal practice and study rather than just as an extra string to your teaching bow.

The Viniyoga of Yoga 121 Practitioner Programme explores teaching Yoga in the fields of Practice, Theory, Psychology and Philosophy to Individual Students. It focuses on the areas that add professional expertise for a student wishing to add 121 Teaching and Therapeutic Healthcare skills to their personal Yoga relationship.

The Structure for the 121 Practitioner Programme involves learning the skills of professional application of Yoga teaching and therapeutic healthcare theory for working with individual students with the tools of:

  • Āsana or General Postures
  • Mudrā or Special Postures
  • Prāṇāyāma or Seated Breathing
  • Dhyāna or Seated Meditation
  • Adhyayanam or Chanting for Learning or as a Meditational Practice
  • Yoga Psychology
  • Associated Yoga Texts
  • Āyurveda Lifestyle Skills


This 121 Practitioner Programme presumes a Prerequisite Practice and Textual Study involving:

  • Experiential application of  Āsana, Mudrā, Prāṇāyāma, Dhyāna and Chanting through personal practice
  • Experiential application of the Yoga Sūtra through an in-depth exploration as a self-inquiry
  • Experiential application of the principles in the Haṭha Yoga texts emphasised by Krishnamacharya
  • Experiential study of the core constitutional, diagnostic and lifestyle principles in Āyurveda
  • Guidance with linking Indian texts emphasised by Krishnamacharya with Yoga study and practice
  • Guidance with linking Krishnamacharya’s own writings and compositions with Yoga study and practice

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