Live & Online 121 Immersion Intensives in the Art of Practice and Study


One to One Immersion Intensives are available for any Yoga Practitioner with specific interests or personal needs 
where the advantages of working with Yoga or Chanting within a short-term intensive practice and study context could be more beneficial.

Who are 121 Yoga Immersion Intensives for?

Personal Yoga Immersion Intensives are available for Yoga students or teachers with specific interests or personal needs 
where the advantages of working with Yoga within a short-term intensive personal practice and study context would be more beneficial.

Traditionally Yoga was taught to adults on a one-to-one basis within a personal intensive context and this is still seen as a uniquely important way to explore our Yoga practice and study.

“Whether or not I like it, I should know where I am.
Otherwise we try to draw the line from where we are not to where we want to be.”
– TKV Desikachar

Whether your interest is Yoga as:

  • Āsana Practice Techniques and Theory
  • Prāṇāyāma Practice Techniques and Theory
  • Mudrā Practice Techniques and Theory
  • Dhyānam Practice Techniques and Theory
  • Adhyayanam (Sūtra or Veda Chanting) Practice Techniques and Theory
  • Yoga Psychology Textual Study
  • Haṭha Energetics Textual Study
  • Gītā Scripture Textual Study
  • Upaniṣat Mysticism Textual Study
  • Sāṃkhya Philosophy Textual Study
  • Āyurveda Lifestyle Textual Study

A number of lessons over two or more days offer time to develop and deepen all aspects of your Yoga practice and study.

Here time can be given to exploring your needs, interests and possibilities and developing Yoga practices 
appropriate to your lifestyle, history, experience and commitment.

“The target of Yoga is ‘Svatantra’,
which means to discover our own technique.

‘Sva’ means itself and ‘Tantra’ means technique.
The techniques are in oneself and we must discover them;
if not we will depend on others. I am sick and I go to the doctor;
but finally I must become my own therapist. This is ‘Svatantra’.”
– TKV Desikachar

A Live Personalised Intensive Structure for a Yoga Practice and Study Immersion Sādhana involves meeting at my home in the Cotswolds, with a country setting and retreat atmosphere, a beautiful area in South Gloucestershire.


There are a number of countryside accommodation options nearby, all within a pleasant 15-minute stroll or a short drive from my home.

We personalise a schedule for our time together, for example, it can take the form of 2-3 hours meeting in the morning followed by a walk through the lanes for lunch together at a nearby country mill. After a break, we meet up again later in the afternoon for a further 1-2 hours of lessons.

To ensure a focus and quality of contact I prefer not to accept other students during our time together.

An Online Personalised Intensive Structure for a Yoga Practice and Study Immersion Sādhana involves an initial discussion and proposal to explore how we might sufficiently replicate some of the qualities arising from a live meeting within our respective lifestyles.

Live or Online Fees for 121 lessons

The Fee for Individual Sessions will be £56 per hour or pro rata depending on the number of hours we meet each day. Payment in Sterling or by pre-agreed bank transfer facilities.

Live or Online 121 Free eMeeting for your Questions

A free half-hour is offered in the spirit of engaging and attending to your questions and offering, as an experienced guide, what I can from my long studies with my teacher. These one-off meetings are free of any future obligation and are merely a means to yatter around Yoga for me to understand your questions better in order to respond more clearly.

If you are interested then please do contact me and from there we can set up a meeting to chat around options or discuss your needs and requirements regarding one-to-one online eLearning. Follow this link for further information on Free Personal Online Meetings or to arrange an online meeting please use the contact page or email me.