Welcome to the Arts of Yoga Practice & Textual Study Programme Overview

Welcome to the Art of Personal Sādhana Programmes aspect of the Yoga Studies website. It aims to reflect the fundamentals of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar’s teaching, in that transmission occurs via the direct experience of a teacher with a student’s personal interest through 121 Lessons or Small Study Groups.

– What are the range of options for those interested in an in-depth Study of either,
Yoga Practice & Theory, or Associated Yoga Texts, within small groups of five students?

The Yoga Practice and Textual Study Programme offers over 600 contact hours of choices within Small Group Study Projects through Modularised two day and four day Courses, all with an in-depth single topic specialisation facilitating a learning intensity and in-depth presentation.

– These choices are arranged into two modularised progressive learning streams:
Either, an in-depth study of Yoga Practice Techniques & Yoga Practice Theory,
Or, an in-depth study of Associated Yoga Psychology and Lifestyle Texts.

Each learning stream guides the student, through a two day Module One course, complete in itself, into the selected area of practice or study. These are followed by Modular progressions to refine and deepen our skills and experience via Module Two and onwards, each comprising a 4 day Course over two weekends.

1. The Viniyoga of Yoga Practice – Yoga or Chant Practice Techniques and Theory Study Modules
offering a Two Day Module One with the follow-on option of Four Day Modules on the:

2. The Viniyoga of Textual Study – Associated Yoga Psychology and Lifestyle Texts Study Modules
offering a Two Day Module One with the follow-on option of Four Day Modules on the:

Explored thematically and developmentally they contribute to our deeper understanding of Yoga Practice Techniques & Theory and Associated Yoga Textual Studies. All Module One Workshops are open to all. Progression to Module Two and onwards follow on in same area of Study.

“Yoga Practice is an essential part of Yoga Study.
Rather than Yoga Study being an essential part of Yoga Practice.”

– What are the advantages for students learning either, Yoga Practice & Theory,
or Yoga Texts through small group Mono-Topic focused Study Modules?

  • Modular structuring offering progressive levels for study and development
  • Mono-Topic specialisation facilitating a learning intensity and in-depth presentation
  • Exclusive learning environment supporting study and absorption
  • Small group size limited to a maximum of five students for personal attention
  • Relevance to personal situation through small group size facilitating interaction
  • Studying practice and texts with a personal rather than teacher training priority

– Are there Online Modular Options for students wanting to explore Yoga Practice & Theory,
or Yoga Texts individually through personalised One to One online eStudy?

Over time my online support work with Yoga practice or supervision has evolved following requests from students for online ongoing Yoga study, exploring specific textual topics or Yoga practice theory themes.

After much reflection as to the place of this medium as a means of transmission I chose to accept to work online individually with students in this area. With the support of the extensive study workbooks from my textual study group courses, I feel this has become a valid means of working online 121 to facilitate access to studying Yoga accumulated from my decades long studentship with TKV Desikachar.

– What are the options for students interested in Professional Training as a Yoga Practitioner?

The Art of Professional Studies Modules explores the teaching of Yoga to Individuals in all situations and is offered for students who have completed the prerequisite 250 contact hours core level modular training.

Art of Professional Studies – The 200 hour Viniyoga of Yoga 121 Practitioner Programme

It involves 200 contact hours in the art of applying Yoga 121 within all situations. The focus is on areas that add professional expertise for those wishing to add Yoga Teaching and Therapeutic Healthcare skills to their personal relationship with Yoga in the fields of Practice, Theory, Psychology and Philosophy.