Welcome to the Yoga Practice & Textual Study Programme Overview

Welcome to the Art of Personal Sādhana Programmes aspect of Yoga Studies.
It aims to reflect the fundamentals of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar’s teaching, in that transmission occurs through the direct experience of a teacher with the student’s
personal interest through 121 Meetings or Single Topic Study in Small Groups.

What are the options for Yoga Study within small groups of five students?

The Yoga Practice and Textual Study Programme offers over 600 contact hours of two-day Workshops and four-day Courses, all Modularised with a single topic specialisation within groups of five students, facilitating a learning intensity and in-depth presentation.

These options are arranged into two modularised learning streams:

1. The Viniyoga of Yoga Practice – Yoga or Chant Practice Techniques and Theory Study
offer a Two Day Module One and follow-on options of Four Day Modules on the:

2. The Viniyoga of Textual Study – Associated Yoga Psychology and Lifestyle Texts Study
offer a Two Day Module One and follow-on options of Four Day Modules on the:

Explored developmentally they contribute to a deeper understanding of Yoga or Chant Techniques & Theory and Yoga Textual Studies. All Module One Workshops are open to all. Progression to Module Two Courses and onwards, follow on within the same topic.

What are the advantages for those learning Yoga Practice and Theory Techniques, or Yoga Texts through small group single-topic Modules?

  • Modular programmes offering an individualised progressive pathway
  • Single topic specialisation facilitating a learning intensity and in-depth presentation
  • Exclusive 121 learning environment supporting study and attention to the student
  • Traditional transmission between teacher and student to optimise absorption
  • Relevance to the individual’s situation through dialogue facilitating interaction
  • Studying practice and texts with a personal rather than teacher training priority

Are there Online Modular Options for students to explore Yoga Practice & Theory, or Yoga Texts individually through One to One online eStudy?

Following requests from students for online modular study to explore specific textual topics or practice theory, I have accepted to work online individually with students. With the support of extensive study workbooks, it offers a valid means of online study.

Link to Overview on Online Yoga Practice Theory and Textual Study 121 eStudy Modules