108 Yoga Teaching Path Pointers – 54 – We don’t need to worry about people using Ujjāyī…

Initially, if teaching breath work in group situations,
we don’t need to worry about people using Ujjāyī
or not. Because, even if you are not using Ujjāyī
and you want the student to learn to make the
exhale longer, they must learn how to initiate the
exhalation by contracting the abdominal muscles.

So, making the exhalation longer is something
you can learn and refine independently of Ujjāyī.
Sometimes, even within the very act of making the
exhalation longer people will naturally shift to Ujjāyī.

If teaching individually, we can start with introducing
the student to the process of activating the exhalation.
However, given the uniqueness of the personal dynamic,
initiation into the art of Ujjāyī can usually be presented
within the first lesson, along with accommodating the
structural and the performance differences between the
characteristics of the exhalation and of the inhalation.

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