108 Yoga Teaching Path Pointers – 56 – Are we perhaps walking backwards to Yoga…

In todays multi-faceted, multi-styled Yoga
stage, is there a question that needs raising?
Are we perhaps walking backwards to Yoga?

In that, these days, we are coming to Yoga
looking more at what it is that we want
Yoga to take us away from. As in, reducing
the symptomatic effects of stressful living?
Rather than being focussed on what it is
that Yoga can actually take us towards.

I understand that symptomatic reduction
can be a relevant step for many from Cikitsā
Krama, to Rakṣaṇa Krama to Śikṣaṇa Krama.

However, I also observe the repetitive cycle
around stress reduction that circulates under
the guise of restoration, rejuvenation, reset,
recharge, recover, relax, reboot, reground, to
name but a few of the ‘handles’ promoting a
Yoga offering for mind and body, or even soul?

Furthermore, does the very nature of ‘teaching
handles’ such as all levels are welcome or,
offering multi-styled approaches, further
fog a deeper consideration of this question?

Finally, in order to consider the question what it
is that Yoga can take us towards, I feel we need to
re-examine the question what is Yoga, rather than the
more usual response of what type of Yoga do you do?
Which indicates that we already have a sense of what
Yoga is and that also implies that we have a grasp of
what are the common practice processes and related
designs that can be woven from its many threads.

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Inverted, Backbend, Seated and Sitting

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