People come to study Yoga for many reasons……

Of the Four Aspects of the Breath which is more important

“People come to study Yoga for many reasons,
however they fall into two groups.
They come to learn or study, or they come
to us for support rather than to study.
So the Yoga we offer to the person
who is inquiring is not the Yoga we
offer to the person seeking protection.
Therefore one can give the wrong advice
to the right person and vice versa.
This can do more harm than if the
person had not come. The intention
must be right, as must be the execution.”
TKV Desikachar Switzerland 1978

2 thoughts on “People come to study Yoga for many reasons……

  1. Not sure what the take-away is from this quote. As an elderly casual practitioner of viniyoga am I endangering myself?

    • Hello Chad
      ‘Elderly casual’ – nice description!
      As to endangering, probably not if a casual relationship.
      Otherwise at the heart of Viniyoga is the notion to learn Yoga as an individual rather than within the reductionist homogeneousness of a group class.
      If interested beyond the casual then find someone to talk with who can see you, hear you and advise accordingly.
      Best wishes

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