108 Yoga Practice Pointers – 112 – Haṭha Yoga has roles other than mere freedom of movement……

Freedom of, or in movement, is obviously an asset
and of course is a useful health and fitness pursuit in
the world of homo-sedens that abounds these days.

However, movement according to the subtle energetic
principles inherent in Haṭha Yoga, implies further roles.
Common to all of which is that Haṭha Yoga involves much
more than merely freedom of movement as an end in itself.

Thus, in Haṭha Yoga the purpose of freedom in movement,
even embedded with useful anatomical tips and insights,
is not the priority that appears to dominate the forms of
Āsana utilised today within many popularist Yoga styles.

Of course, freedom in movement is obviously a support in
helping us embrace and apply the principles of Haṭha Āsana
practice, but it is not the end in itself that it seems to have
become, under the guise of branding it all as if it’s Yoga.

For example, it can help with facilitating an exploration
of the subtle energetic processes that ultimately define,
guide and differentiate Haṭha Yoga from the movement
forms that use, imply or imitate an Āsana content, such
as is found within exercise, fitness, flow, yogalates, et al.

Thus, these days it increasingly seems to be that, on
the journey towards the deeper purpose inherent in
Haṭha Yoga and its relationship to what is Rāja Yoga,
we are more and more being sidetracked by what is
proffered within the myriad of movement forms that
proliferate, or even ‘pose’ as if Āsana practice today.

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