108 Yoga Practice Pointers – 113 – Āsana brings steadiness, improved health and lightness of limb……

For me, still to this day, one of the simplest,
direct and most succinct definitions on the
purpose of Āsana within the processes and
practices of Haṭha Yoga, is the one offered in
Chapter One verse 17 of the Haṭha Pradīpikā.

It is a definition valid for any situation,
discussion or presentation, or as a response
to questions from any background, or level
of interest around why we practice Āsana.

It can also be a springboard to linking
the body’s physiological qualities, such as
the relationship of Agni, to the energetic
qualities of health and lightness of limb.

Or, an investigation of the commentary by
Brahmānanda, as that explores psychological
qualities such as the relationship of the Guṇa,
Rajas, to mental qualities such as steadiness.

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