108 Dhāraṇā Practice Pointers – 13 – In the Indian tradition some Mantra are known as Mahāvakya…

In the Indian tradition some Mantra
are known as Mahāvakya or great sayings.
They express and re-mind us, in both
a mystical and poetical way, of the
presence of the eternal Awareness
within the everyday flux of existence.

There is one such Mahāvakya, renowned
and beautiful in its profound simplicity as
a heuristic means for revelation, whether
your Sādhana traverses either of two paths.
Either, the Sādhana path of Jñana Dhyānam
or, the Sādhana path of Bhakti Dhyānam.


तत् त्वम् असि
Tat Tvam Asi ॥
“That Thou Art”

from the Chāndogya Upaniṣat VI.8.7

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