The Viniyoga of Planning Principles within Āsana Mudrā and Prāṇāyāma

– Vinyāsa Krama –
Intelligent sequence building in Āsana Mudrā & Prāṇāyāma

The past two years have seen some 70 individual posts
accumulating on the theory behind Practice Planning,
to appreciate how the skilful use of the art of Viniyoga
can help in investigating the Vinyāsa Krama of Āsana.
They were collated together under 12 groupings below:

1. In terms of Practice Planning the Spirit of Viniyoga is achieved by two broad means
2. General Guidelines for Practice Planning:
3. General Guidelines for Choosing Āsana:
4. General Guidelines for Setting Practice Aims or Learning Outcomes:
5. Different Types of Postural Activity in Āsana Practice
6. Voluntary Efforts and Involuntary Effects in an Āsana Practice
7. A third factor, that of Respect for Responses
8. We must also consider the Safety Factors
9. The Element of Compromise in the Body
10. The Adaptation of the Āsana Practice
11. What is the role of the Practice of Āsana?
12. Summary of Ideas around Practice Planning

These posts were also collated into a single thread within a single static page on the website. However, since this particular thread is now completed I felt it could a helpful addition to offer the collected collations on this topic as a downloadable PDF.
So, offered below are two PDF versions, either in English A4 or as US Letter.

The Viniyoga of Planning Principles within Āsana, Mudrā and Prāṇāyāma A4 version
The Viniyoga of Planning Principles within Āsana, Mudrā and Prāṇāyāma US Letter version

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