108 Postural Practice Pointers – 61 – Vīrabhadrāsana represents the fighting stance of the  warrior…

Vīrabhadrāsana represents the fighting stance of the  warrior
Vīrabhadra, who is said to represent the fierce form of Maṅgala.
He was created by Śiva from a matted lock of his own hair,
in a vengeful response to the death of his wife Satī after
her self-immolation in the sacrificial fire at her father’s Yajña.

It’s a demanding standing position coupled with a backbend in the spine
to give the Āsana its opening energising and strengthening qualities.

 The focus of attention can be brought to the chest and upper back
through its form and the emphasis on the breath, especially the inhalation.

Its role as an expansive, demanding standing Āsana can be
graduated to suit the practice capacity of the student.

Link to Series: 108 Postural Practice Pointers

Āsana and Mudrā Glossary
– Grouped into Standing, Kneeling,
Lying, Inverted, Backbend, Seated & Sitting

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