3 thoughts on “Memories of Madras Circa 1980 yet as if yesterday…

  1. Wow, these are great to see. Thanks for sharing. I have not (yet) visited India, and no doubt it reveals something in me that this is what has struck me most about the photos but – the light! It’s so clear. Things seem so much more polluted now, 40 years on – dusty, yellowed, degraded. In these images there is a clarity and freshness, a ‘morning’ quality- more sattva.
    I notice the same changes here, but it’s challenging to discern what is natural aging (me and everything around) and what is a qualitative change in the environment. Usually what we are able to notice is gradual, season on season, but the change in 40 years is stark.

  2. Dear Paul Harvey,
    Thanking you from all my heart for the very special highly sensitive and artistic
    photos of Madras.
    Wishing you a very peacefull Christmas full of light and blessings.
    Yours faithfully
    Verena-Maria v.G-Baranes

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