The Viniyoga of Yoga is the application of the principles that…


The Viniyoga of Yoga is the application of the principles that,

linked together, offer possibilities to enhance our relationship with ourselves through our personal practice.

This approach, with its emphasis on one to one transmission, opens the possibility that a deepening of our practice comes not from adding more difficult Āsana, but from further refining our relationship with what Āsana we already have.

Life is already full of pressures to go for the newest and latest, ever improved model. Plus it’s often easier shopping around to bring more in from the outside rather than putting time aside and concentrating on bringing more out from the inside.

So we need to take care that we do not become an avid consumer of a new Āsana or new technique purely for the sake of something different or novel, as if a fashion trend or add-on to our existing teaching portfolio, or as a boost to what is probably our already over populated teaching menu.

Yoga is a relationship within which you commit yourself to a depth of involvement rather than breadth of involvement. In that sense, Yoga is no different from how any relationship with someone or something you care for and wish to spend time with should be.

From this relationship, you can eventually start to experience the fruits that arise from prioritising time, care, effort and attention.

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