108 Postural Practice Pointers – 42 – The breath is the activating force in all aspects of the Āsana…

The Breath is the activating force in all aspects of the Āsana.
For example, when comparing a dynamic performance
of an Āsana with the static performance of an Āsana,
the difference is in the degree or extent of the movement.
Thus, from a Viniyoga or application of Āsana perspective,
whether the extent of the movement is what is seen
as long-range, mid-range, short-range, or even micro,
the activating force of the Breath is integral to the Āsana.

From a developmental viewpoint, as in a longer-term
Vinyāsa Krama, this a journey from those Āsana that
mainly favour long-range movement, towards those Āsana
and Mudrā that mainly favour micro-range movement.
Within this developmental refinement in the relationship
of Breath as the activating force, sit the place and roles
of mid-range movement and short-range movement.

Link to Series: 108 Postural Practice Pointers

Āsana and Mudrā Glossary
– Grouped into Standing, Kneeling,
Lying, Inverted, Backbend, Seated & Sitting

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