108 Yoga Teaching Path Pointers – 48 – In terms of Prāṇāyāma from a one-to-one viewpoint, we need to consider…

In terms of Prāṇāyāma from
a one-to-one perspective,
we need to consider whether
the practice starting point for
the practitioner is from a Rakṣaṇa,
Cikitsā, or Śikṣaṇa Krama viewpoint.

From  a Rakṣaṇa Krama viewpoint,
the situation we are focusing on initially
is on developing the length of the breath.

From a Cikitsā Krama viewpoint,
the practitioner’s energy and
respiratory capacity may be low,
so the scope for working on the length
of the breath may well be limited.
Therefore a suggested strategy initially,
is to focus on the subtlety of the breath.

Whereas, from a Śikṣaṇa Krama viewpoint,
the potential is there to work and develop
both the length and the subtlety of the breath.
So both options can be explored from the onset.

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