108 Yoga Practice Pointers – 103 – Bhāvana on Directional Breathing within a Śikṣaṇa Practice…

Bhāvana on Directional Breathing within Śikṣaṇa Practice

When inhaling, start the movement in the
Prāṇa Sthāna from the Viśuddhi Sthāna
and move the inhale as if towards the
diaphragm without distending the belly.
When exhaling, start the movement in the
Apāna Sthāna from the Svādhiṣṭhāna Sthāna
and move the exhale as if towards the
diaphragm without collapsing the chest.

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– Grouped into Standing, Kneeling, Lying,
Inverted, Backbend, Seated and Sitting

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– Grouped into Primary, Secondary
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