Primary Prāṇāyāma Techniques as taught by Krishnamacharya and Desikachar


Glossary of Prāṇāyāma & Bandha Practice Techniques

Grouped into Primary, Secondary & Ancillary Techniques

1. Primary Prāṇāyāma Breathing Techniques

Nāḍī Śodhana
Pūraka Left Nostril
Recaka Right Nostril
Pūraka Right Nostril
Recaka Left Nostril

2. Primary Support Prāṇāyāma Breathing Techniques

Anuloma Ujjāyī
Pūraka both Nostrils with Ujjāyī
Recaka Alternate Nostrils (Starting with Left)

Viloma Ujjāyī
Pūraka Alternate Nostrils (Starting with Left)
Recaka  both Nostrils with Ujjāyī

Pratiloma Ujjāyī
Pūraka both Nostrils with Ujjāyī
Recaka Left Nostril
Pūraka Left Nostril
Recaka  both Nostrils with Ujjāyī
Pūraka both Nostrils with Ujjāyī
Recaka Right Nostril
Pūraka Right Nostril
Recaka both Nostrils with Ujjāyī

3. Secondary Prāṇāyāma Breathing Techniques

Sūrya Bhedana
Pūraka Right Nostril
Recaka Left Nostril

– Fast Single Nostril Abdominal Breathing
– Changing Nostril after every Pūraka (Starting with Left)

4. Secondary Support Prāṇāyāma Breathing Techniques

– Pūraka through Mouth with Tubed Tongue whilst Raising Head
Antar Kumbhaka whilst Lowering Head
Recaka  both Nostrils with Ujjāyī

Pūraka through Mouth with hissing sound over Tongue
between slightly opened teeth whilst Raising Head
Antar Kumbhaka whilst Lowering Head 
Recaka  both Nostrils with Ujjāyī

Candra Bhedana
Pūraka Left Nostril
Recaka Right Nostril

Pūraka and/or Recaka  through both Nostrils
with Humming Sound

5. Ancillary Breathing Techniques

Pūraka both Nostrils with Ujjāyī
Recaka  both Nostrils with Ujjāyī
(Not taught as a Prāṇāyāma technique per se,
but as a breathing technique in and for Āsana and Mudrā and
as an introductory or preliminary or transitional seated breathing exercise)

– Fast Abdominal Breathing both Nostrils
(Technically a Kriyā so used on its own before or in Āsana, or in Mudrā
or as a seated preliminary technique before Prāṇāyāma
or as an introductory step towards Bhastrikā)

6. Ancillary Support Practice Techniques

– Deep Pūraka
– Very Long Recaka

– Long Antar Kumbhaka

Antar Kumbhaka
– Holding after Pūraka

Bāhya Kumbhaka
– Stopping after Recaka

– All components of the Ratio
the same length

– Components of the Ratio
not the same length

Anuloma Krama
– Patterns of Antar Kumbhaka
during the Pūraka

Viloma Krama
– Patterns of Bāhya Kumbhaka
during the Recaka

Pratiloma Krama
– Patterns of Antar Kumbhaka and Bāhya Kumbhaka
during the Pūraka and the Recaka

7. Ancillary Bandha Practice Techniques

Jihvā Bandha
– Tongue Curled Upwards and Backwards

Jālandhara Bandha
– Spine held Erect
– Chin Drawn Down and In on Bāhya Kumbhaka
by extending the back of the neck
Pūraka intensifies the Bandha

Uḍḍīyana Bandha
– After Recaka on Bāhya Kumbhaka
– Abdomen drawn back towards the spine and
as a consequence moved upwards

Mūla Bandha
– After Bāhya Kumbhaka
– Lower Abdomen held in during the Pūraka

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