cYs Practitioner Training Programme Retreat Extract 4 – Self Planning & Self Practice

cYs Practitioner Training Programme 2004 Retreat Extract 4

Session 1 – Self Planning & Self Practice

Building and working with Complex Sequences

This was a six day early morning Āsana, Mudrā, Bandha  & Prāṇāyāma planning and practice project for year Four students within a four year Practitioner Training Programme.

The format was:

  • 5′ Pulse taking
  • 15′ Practice Planning the previous day/s for:
    Āsana practice  35′
    Prāṇāyāma practice 10′
  • 5’ Sitting
  • 5′ Pulse taking
  • 5’ For recording your pulse, personal notes or reflections from the practice

The Bhāvana practice proposition and Āsana, Mudrā, Bandha  & Prāṇāyāma practice techniques that set each mornings focus, technique and crown ratio are shown below.

Jālandhara Bandha Antar Kumbhaka Bāhya Kumbhaka
Day 1 Cakravākāsana and Taḍākamudrā
Anuloma Ujjāyī
Day 2 Daṇḍāsana and
Adho Mukha Śvanāsana
Anuloma Ujjāyī
Day 3 Mahāmudrā 1.1/2.1.1.
Anuloma Ujjāyī 1.1/2.1.1/2.
Day 4 Mahāmudrā
Anuloma Ujjāyī
Day 5 Mahāmudrā
Anuloma Ujjāyī
Day 6 Mahāmudrā 1.1/2.1.1/2.
Anuloma Ujjāyī

For those needing clarification around the Prāṇāyāma Planning Techniques, a PDF handout on the Primary Prāṇāyāma Techniques as taught by Krishnamacharya and Desikachar can be viewed or downloaded from the link below.

The above post on this particular Self Planning & Self Practice exploration can be downloaded as a PDF.

Furthermore, this post will sit within a series of Practitioner Training Retreat Self Planning and Self Practice Extracts, illustrating both short term and longer term developmental examples of the Viniyoga of ĀsanaMudrāPrāṇāyāma and Bandha.

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