2022 Navarātri or the Nine Nights of Durgā as a time for Mantra Sādhana……


The nine-night long Nava Rātri, an important occasion in India, is celebrated as a time to honour the Divine Feminine, especially the Goddess Durgā within the Indian tradition. It will commence today Monday 26th September 2022, the first day of the month of Aśvin, according to the Hindu calendar. During this time the primary focus is Durgā manifesting through three primary aspects of the Divine Feminine.

Thus for the first three nights the focus is around the Divine Feminine in her power-bestowing aspect known as Durgā. For the second three nights the focus is around the Divine Feminine in her prosperity-bestowing aspect known as Lakṣmī. For the third three nights the focus is around the Divine Feminine in her wisdom-bestowing aspect known as Sarasvatī.

The tenth and final day, on Wednesday 5th October 2022, is a celebration of the totality of the Divine Feminine as represented by all three of the above aspects re-merging together within one ‘Sacred Being’ or Tri Devī.  Together the ten days represent a time for an intensification of specific aspects of our personal Sādhana through practices devoted towards the Divine Feminine aspect of the universal dimension of being.

In this context it is said that this is a important time for an intensification of our Japam Sādhana through the recitation of Mantra, and at this time, especially around Durgā. For example reciting the 108 names of Durgā daily during these 10 days is an auspicious practice during Nava Rātri.

Thus you can find a link here to a downloadable PDF in Romanised Saṃskṛta and chant notations with the 108 sacred names of Durgā.

With all wishes for this propitious time
Śrī Durgāyai Namaḥ

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