108 Sūtra Study Pointers – 115 – How to deal with the conundrum that we are thinking or feeling we are changing…

How to relate with the inner conundrum that we are
thinking or feeling we are changing every 5 minutes.
Yet, from within that seeming flux we can observe that
we are only appearing to be changing every 5 minutes.
This implies that there is something else, not obvious,
yet constantly abiding within our psychic fluctuations.
Yoga offers a journey towards a direct experience of that
which perceives within our coalesced sense of “I” Am-ness.
In other words, how to be with that we call awareness or
the observer within the seeming seduction of the observed,
given that both mind and senses are part of the observed?
– Paul Harvey on Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 18

Paul’s Yoga Mālā – A Thread of Pearls from Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra

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